facebook business place pageAnyone can set up a Facebook Business Place Page and as a result you may find that there are duplicate Places set up for your businesses, as was the case for Heidelberg Golf Club at Lower Plenty. This can be frustrating, particularly if visitors to your business are checking into a Place that is not your official Facebook Place or Business Page. However, all is not lost. There is a relatively simple process to fix this.
First thing you need to do is find all those Places that purport to be your business, but are not actually your business.  The best way to find them all is to try and check-in whilst at your premises using your mobile phone. List down all the variations people have named your business as, even those that have listed the name incorrectly. It is important that you do this from a mobile device rather than just searching for you business name on Facebook as someone may have spelt your business name incorrectly or listed your business name in a different order (e.g. Golf Club at Heidelberg instead of Heidelberg Golf Club) and therefore they may not show up in search results.
Once you have the list of Places, go to your computer and search for each of those Places.  If you can’t find them in the initial search results that pop up, then click on “See more results for…” below the drop down options and then select “Places” from the left hand navigation.
How do I claim my place facebook page, help me claim my facebook pageSelect the Place that you wish to claim and that will take you to the information page for that Place. In the top right hand corner you will see a wheel with a down arrow.  Click on this and then select the option “Is this your business?”.  This will commence the process of claiming the Page. Indicate that you are the official representative of the business and click “continue” to get started.

How to verify you own the place facebook page, do you own this facebook place pageYou will need to provide the following information before you can claim the Page:

  • How I can claim my facebook place pageName of business
  • Address
  • Your job title (e.g. Owner)
  • Phone number (if available)
  • Website (if available)

Finally, you will need to verify that you are connected to the business by one of the following:

  • options on how to claim your page, how to verify you are connected to the business, Email – This option requires your business email address to be connected with your Facebook account. You can either select your business email address from those linked to your account or add your business email address to your Facebook account if this is not already linked. If you choose to add your business email address at this stage you will then need to follow the instructions in a verification email that will be sent to that address prior to proceeding.
  • Documentation – This option requires you to upload business documents that show your business name and address such as utility bill, phone bill, business licence, business tax file number, certificate of formation or articles of incorporation.

Once you have verified that you are connected to the business, push submit to claim your Page and wait for your claim to be approved. In the meantime, repeat this process for all of the Places you wish to claim as your business. Once you have claimed all the Places, you will then need to merge them all with your existing Page.