Are you struggling to connect with your potential customers online?
If so, then you should consider using the Facebook Ads tool to identify and connect with your customers on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook (and now also Instagram due to their recent integration with the Facebook Advertising platform) provides you with a fantastic opportunity to not only locate your ideal customers, but to also deliver highly targeted advertising messages to them using the Facebook Advertising platform.
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Where To Start?

The most important aspect when it comes to creating effective Facebook Ads is your targeting.

Therefore, before you get started in using the Facebook Advertising platform to locate and target your ideal customers, you need to have a good understanding of who your ideal customers are.
You can achieve this by creating a Customiser Avatar of what your ideal customers looks like in terms of their demographics, psychographics and behaviours. The clearer you are in identifying your Ideal Customer Avatar, the easier it is going to be to find people who resemble the type of people you would most like to attract to your business.
Facebook and Instagram users provide a significant amount of personal information through both the information they provide in their profile, as well as the actions they take on the platforms. This information is then available within the Facebook Advertising platform for you to use to assist with audience targeting when creating Facebook and/or Instagram Ads.

Targeting Your Customers On Facebook And Instagram

The Facebook Advertising platform allows you to target your ideal customers based on many factors, including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Languages
  • Relationship status
  • Sexual preference
  • Family stage
  • Income
  • Education (including school, highest level of education, field of study)
  • Employment (including employers and job title)
  • Interests (including other Facebook Pages that may like)
  • Purchasing behaviour
  • And much, much more…

When developing your Customer Avatars, you should consider all of the above factors and try to get as specific as possible for each.
In order to achieve this, you will need to get inside the head of your ideal customer. You can find some of this information out by surveying you current customers or interviewing your best customers to find out more about them, enabling you to actively seek out more people just like them.
It is true that most businesses have more than one Ideal Customer Avatar, quite often varying slightly for the different products and services you have to offer. If this is the case for your business, then you should develop multiple Customer Avatars and then create multiple audiences that you can use as required to target your advertising messages to based on what you are promoting in each advertising campaign.

Saved Target Audiences

Once you have identified your ideal customer, it’s now time to create Saved Target Audiences within the Facebook Ads platform so that they are ready and waiting for you when you are ready to create Facebook or Instagram Ads.
Facebook Saved Target AudienceFor example, if you are a business that mainly attracts customers from a particular location, then you can choose to target people by country, state or suburb. You can target suburbs specifically or include people within a 10-50 mile radius. You can even choose to exclude some suburbs that may fall within the catchment area of the suburbs you are targeting.
When targeting people based on their location you can choose to target people based on whether or not they live in the location, have recently been in the location, or are travelling in the location. This can allow you to catch residents, business people in the area and/or tourists, based on what is most important to your business.
From the information you have ascertained as part of identifying your Ideal Customer Avatar, you would then layer in the ideal age, gender, language preferences or any other demographics, interests or behaviours as relevant for each target audience you develop.
You can even choose to include or exclude people from your audiences based on the connection they may or may not have with your Facebook Page, Apps or Events.
You should develop a new Saved Target Audience for each of the Ideal Customer Avatars you develop, making sure that you label them appropriately so that they are instantly recognisable by their label when you next go to use them.

Facebook Custom Audiences

The Facebook Ads platform provides you with the ability to develop Custom Audiences based on some of the behaviours your customers and/or potential customers have already made in the past.
Create A Custom Audience
For example, you can target those people who have already visited your website or that you already have the contact details for, as would be the case if they have already engaged with your business as a subscriber or customer. You do this using Customer List Custom Audiences and Website Traffic Custom Audiences, respectively.

Customer List Custom Audiences

Facebook allows you to upload your customer lists, in the form of emails, mobile phone numbers, Facebook User ID’s or mobile advertiser ID’s, so that you can re-target your advertising messages to them on Facebook and/or Instagram. All you need to be able to do this is to upload a .cvs file that contains a one column list of email addresses or phone numbers. Facebook will then map that data against the data that users provide to Facebook as part of their Facebook Profile.
Create a Customer List Custom Audience
You will probably find that somewhere between approximately 40-60% of the email addresses that you upload will be consistent with the ones people provide to Facebook, therefore don’t be surprised if your audience size is 40-60% smaller than expected once your list has been uploaded and ready for use.

Website Traffic Custom Audiences

By installing a Facebook Pixel on your website (which is a piece of code that you place between the head tags on your website), you can track those people that visit your website (who are logged into Facebook at the time) and then group them into an audience that you can use to target at a later date.
Create Website Traffic Custom Audience
You can get even more specific with your audience by targeting visitors based on which Pages they have or haven’t visited. You can even target people using a combination of which pages on your website they have and haven’t visited. For example, you can target those people who have visited your sales page, but not the “thanks for purchasing” page that follows it should they complete a successful purchase.
This is a particularly powerful combination for running a re-targeting campaign for those people who have abandoned their shopping cart mid-purchase.

Lookalike Audiences

Another feature that Facebook provides you with to help you target your ideal customers is Lookalike Audiences.
You can use audiences you have already created on Facebook, such as Page Likes, Customer Lists and/or Website Custom Audiences to find other people on Facebook who are similar (based on interests, demographics & behaviours) to the people you already have in those audiences.
This is a great way to develop larger targeted audiences where the custom audiences you already have are not very big and therefore have the potential to be exhausted quickly once you start advertising to them. But it is only an effective strategy if the audiences you are creating Lookalike Audiences for are highly targeted.
Create A Lookalike Audience
You can choose the size of any Lookalike Audiences that you create. The smaller the audience, the more similar that audience will be to the audience you base your Lookalike Audience off.
You must choose a country for each of your Lookalike Audiences. However, if you are a local business that does not service the entire country, then it is important that you overlay more specific location requirements that will further refine this audience to ensure that you are attracting local customers to your business.
Similarly, you can create additional demographic, interest and behaviour filtering to these audiences at the time of creating your Ads to ensure that you audience remains highly targeted.

How To Connect With Your Customers On Facebook And Instagram

Once you have developed all of these audiences, you can then use those audiences to connect with your customers (and potential customers) on Facebook and Instagram by choosing the appropriate audience when targeting your advertising.
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If you aren’t already using the Facebook Advertising platform to target and connect with your ideal customers on Facebook or Instagram, then you should consider allocating some of your marketing budget to doing so, as you won’t find a more targeted method of locating your ideal customers online than what the Facebook Ads platform provides.
If you are not sure where to start, then here’s (almost everything) that you need to create effective Facebook Ads that convert to help you get started.