Step-by-step instructions on how to install Pinterest Pin It Button for imagesPinterest is going off! And I am not just talking about a bunch of Mum’s being sucked into a Pinterest time-warp whilst pinning cupcake recipes and dessert tables in preparation for their children’s birthday parties.
Pinterest has moved beyond that and is now driving massive amounts of traffic to websites and generating sales for businesses that don’t even sell cupcakes – imagine that!
I hear what you are about to say, “Not another social media platform for my business to manage – I can’t cope!”
Well do I have a secret to share with you. What a lot of businesses don’t realise is that they can gain traffic from Pinterest regardless of whether or not they have set up a Pinterest account for their business and it is sooooo super easy and takes very little time at all.

How To Increase Traffic To Your Self-hosted WordPress Website From Pinterest

1. Login to your WordPress Admin Panel.
2. Go to “Plugins” and then select “Add New”.
3. Search for the “Pinterest Pin It Button For Images” plugin by Canha.
4. Select “Install Now” for the “Pinterest Pin It Button For Images”.
Pinterest Pin It Button For Images Plugin
5. Once the plugin has been installed, “Activate Plugin”.
Installing Pinterest Pin It Button For Images Plugin
6. Check the settings by going to “Settings” and then selecting “Pinterest Pin It” and then customise the settings to meet with your requirements (below are the settings I selected).
Pinterest Pin It Button For Images SettingsPinterest Pin It Button For Images Advanced Settings
7. Go to your website and select a Page or Post (as per the settings you have selected) and hover over one of the images within that Page or Post to test that it is working. It should look like the example below.
Pinterest Pin It Button Plugin Hover Example
Note: If this plugin is not working as it should, double check your settings and if you still can’t work it out, contact the developer.

How Pinterest Pin It Button For Images Works

If you have followed the step-by-step instructions above, what you have just done is made it super easy for people (aka Pinners) to Pin images from your website to “their” Pinterest Pin Boards. By installing this plugin, a “Pin It” button appears whenever anyone hovers over any of the images that have this feature enabled, acting as a reminder in the form of a visual call-to-action that prompts people to share your content via a Pinterest Pin.
Once an image is Pinned to Pinterest it retains a link back to your site (i.e. when people click on the image they are taken to where this image appears on your website) and that pin can then be re-pinned by other Pinners. And that is where the real magic begins!  As more and more people are exposed to your image through re-pinning, more people start to click on your image and more traffic is driven back to your website. From there it is up to your website to do it’s own magic in terms of being optimised for converting traffic to sales. However, that’s a whole other topic for another time.
To see this Pinterest Pin It Button For Images plugin in action, visit any of Page or Post within the Impactiv8 website (and start pinning). You can pin one of the images from within this post for example (my favourite is the one at the top of this post). Go on, your friends will love it!