I lost my blogging mojo. Have you?
I lost mine back at the beginning of the year. But guess what?
I got it back!
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Firstly, allow me to share with you how I lost my blogging mojo…

How I Lost My Blogging Mojo

I lost my blogging mojoLike most small business owners, I am constantly busy servicing clients, developing new products and responding to enquiries, amongst many other pressing commitments. These are all very important, as they are the activities that provide my business with income. Stop doing them and the money stops.
Stop blogging and the money doesn’t stop. Or does it?
Well it doesn’t stop completely, provided you are still doing that other important stuff, but you will find out over time that it does slow down. Why?
If you aren’t blogging you aren’t:

  • Providing fresh content to make Google love you in terms of SEO (search engine optimisation);
  • Providing fresh content to share on social media, to your email subscribers and those that subscribe to you via RSS;
  • Demonstrating your expertise;
  • Demonstrating that you are up with the latest whatever; or
  • Giving your business the best possible advantage over your competitors

Collectively this means less people visiting your website where hopefully you have things set up in such a way to lead them further into your sales funnel and/or convert them to a paying customer when the time is right.
By not blogging regularly you make it harder for new customers/clients to find you, you make your business less memorable to those currently doing business with you and you ultimately slow down your business growth.
So what are you waiting for? Get blogging now…

How I Got My Blogging Mojo Back

Well, first I read this.

Now, you might think that I am going to say that I promptly got onto following these tips to the letter. Wrong!
In fact, as great as this post was, I wouldn’t be able to recall a single tip if you asked me. But what this post DID do was simply inspire me to get my sh!t together and do something. Anything… Anything would have been better than the nothing that I had been doing for the past month or so at that time.
So what did I do?
I decided to start with the easy stuff!

  • I pulled out all those half written blog posts and finished them – Wow, that didn’t take long!
  • I got some of the emails I had written to clients in response to their questions and crafted them into blog posts – Gee, that was easy!
  • I took a webinar recording I did and made that into a blog Posts – How exciting, a video blog post to mix it up a little!
  • I took the transcript from a podcast I was a guest on, cleaned it up, chopped it up and then made it into a blog series – What a great way to produce loads of posts at once!
  • I transferred the notes from a workshop I attended into a blog post – That’s a much better way to file away my learning for later reference!
  • I found some old out of date content that had good SEO for my keywords, brought the content up-to-date and re-published the blog post – Great, now people see current content when they stumble across me from Google!
  • I found a topic I really, really, really wanted to write about and wrote a blog post – Boy that was fun!
  • I started writing stuff (like this post) when sitting on a train so I didn’t have to make awkward eye contact with the guy that doesn’t wear deodorant sitting opposite me – Great way to pass the time more productively!

This resulted in a blogging frenzy. I got on a roll and couldn’t stop. But I knew I couldn’t sustain this level of enthusiasm alone, especially as there was still all that other important stuff that had to get done in my business.
So what did I do?
I went one step further and really prioritised blogging within my business. I got someone onto my team who could help me out in compiling all that awesome content I had hidden away in emails, photos, presentations, Facebook posts and my head.
This involved creating a content plan for my business and then getting team members involved in the process of researching, compiling content sources, publishing and promoting the content by scheduling blog posts to be shared via social media and setting up a weekly email marketing campaign schedule to assist in distributing latest blog posts.
Now I would love to say that setting up these systems and involving my team in the process reduced my workload to just having to add my name to the bottom of each post, but far from it! I still have to create the content and a lot of work goes into crafting blog posts that include my knowledge, reflect my views and have an injection of my personality.  This all has to be done in a timely manner so I achieve my schedule.
The great thing under this new system of blogging for my business is that I am now accountable for blogging. If I don’t do my bit, then I let down my team, not just my business. I have to do it! And I am doing it! And best thing is that I am enjoying it!
I have my blogging mojo back!

Blogging Accountability

Accountability goes a long way toward getting things done in all aspects of your business and blogging is no exception.
So six months after struggling to post once per month when I lost my blogging mojo, I am now writing a new blog on average 1-3 times per week. I am super happy with that considering that my initial goal was to post consistently once a week. It also means that I can save some of those posts to publish on the weeks when I am unable to produce content, or use them as guest blog posts on other people’s sites, without impacting my weekly publications schedule.
I am also supper happy with the progress my business has made over that period. Coincidence? I think not!

Become A Better Blogger

I am also keen to become a better blogger! I understand that the best way to achieve this is through training. Every year I attend the ProBlogger Training Event, which has been created to assist bloggers of all levels to build better blogs. There are also loads of free webinars and local meet-up events that you can attend to become a better blogger. I recommend that you check some of those out and surround yourself with other bloggers, perhaps even finding yourself a blogging accountability partner in the process. It’s much easier to get your blogging mojo back when you surround yourself with the knowledge and inspiration of other bloggers.
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Have you ever lost and regained your blogging mojo? If so, tell me about how you managed to get it back in the comments below.