Improving Conversion Rates With Visual Cues

Do you pay any attention to the visual cues you are providing in your digital marketing?

Visual cues play a pivotal role in digital marketing and can significantly impact the conversion rate of your website, sales pages and other aspects of your digital marketing. This is because people often skim content quickly, and visual cues help grab attention, guide browsing behaviour, and facilitate your desired actions.

Visual Cues In Marketing

But what exactly are visual cues? They can be anything that guides the eye and influences the direction of attention. These cues can take the form of shapes, colours, contrasting fonts, lines, arrows, the direction a person is looking in a picture, and more. Investing time in understanding and implementing these cues can make your digital marketing efforts more efficient and successful.

The following example uses a brightly coloured arrow to draw your visual attention to the main CTA to learn more about the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek online training program. 

Why Visual Cues Are Vital For Successful Digital Marketing

Visual cues within your digital marketing are essential because of the following factors:

Direction of Attention

The primary role of visual cues is to guide the viewer’s attention towards essential elements on a page. If you want your visitor to focus on a particular area, such as a promotional offer or a “buy now” button, visual cues like arrows or lines pointing towards it are very effective. The gaze of a person or a character in an image also naturally guides the viewer’s attention in the same direction, as people instinctively follow the gaze of others.

Notice how a cartoon image of a person is being used in the example below to draw your attention towards Lead Activator’s USP by looking and pointing towards the main headline statement. 

Simplicity and Clarity

Visual cues simplify the user experience by guiding visitors and making it easier for them to understand what they should be focusing on. This reduction in cognitive load enhances the user experience, increasing the likelihood of them taking your desired action.

Prioritising Information

Not all information on your website carries the same weight. Visual cues help emphasise critical parts of your content. Using bold or larger fonts, contrasting colours, highlights, and boxes can draw attention and underscore importance.

Prompting Action

Visual cues can be used to encourage specific actions. A bold, colourful “sign up” or “add to cart” button is a visual cue that prompts the user to act, thereby increasing interaction and potential conversion.

Building Trust and Credibility

High-quality images, well-designed graphics, and professional layouts contribute to the overall aesthetics of your page, boosting its credibility. A professional and trustworthy site encourages visitors to make a purchase or share their contact details.

Emotional Engagement

Visual cues can also evoke emotional responses. Colours play a key role here: red often creates a sense of urgency or excitement, while green tends to evoke feelings of peace and harmony. Choosing visuals that generate emotions aligned with your brand’s message can motivate visitors to act.

Denise Duffield-Thomas does this particularly well. She incorporates a lot of blue in all of her images, both in what she wears, her accessories and the surrounding environment, this encourages a feeling of calm and trust in her audience. You can see this in the example below, which also provides an example of how averted gaze can help direct attention. Denise is looking towards the content she wants you to read.  

Be Careful Where You Look!

First off, let’s get this clear: eye contact is an essential element in videos. It builds a connection with your audience and fosters a sense of trust. But here’s something that might surprise you: it isn’t always the best option.

Yes, you read it right. Not all instances call for direct eye contact, especially when you’re trying to draw attention to your CTA. A plethora of studies suggest that ads using averted gazes (where the model or the person in the photo or video is looking at something else) often lead to more effective and memorable campaigns. But why is this the case?

The answer lies in our hardwiring. We, as humans, are naturally inclined to notice faces. It’s an evolutionary trait that has helped us to communicate and connect with others. Now, when we see eyes looking elsewhere, our attention is naturally drawn to follow that gaze. This psychology can be effectively used in digital marketing, making your audience’s eyes land exactly where you want them to – your product, your CTA, or the next step in your sales funnel.

Let’s consider the following example. You’re running an online clothing store, and you’re promoting a new line of jumpers. Instead of having your model look directly into the camera, have her gaze at the product information, or even better, the ‘Buy Now’ button. This averted gaze naturally guides your potential customer’s eyes to important information and the next step you want your customers to take. This technique can boost your conversion rates significantly.

But this doesn’t just apply to landing pages or sales pages. The power of the gaze can also work wonders in your product photos, emails, and even social media profile photos. The direction your profile photo faces can subconsciously communicate your engagement level. Are you facing your post, showing engagement and involvement, or does it feel like you’ve got your back to it?

Small Tweaks Can Make A Big Difference

Take a moment to consider your current digital marketing strategies. Are there areas where an averted gaze could lead to increased conversions? Could your social media profiles benefit from a photo that directs the viewer’s eyes to your posts, rather than away from them?

The key takeaway here is to consciously use visual cues to guide your audience’s attention. It’s about mastering the subtle art of steering your potential customer’s gaze towards your CTA or product. So the next time you’re shooting product images or planning a social media post, remember the power of an averted gaze. This simple tactic could be the key to elevating your digital marketing strategy, boosting conversions and ultimately, driving growth for your business.

Never underestimate the power of visual cues in your digital marketing strategy. They not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your content but also engage, direct, and convert. Begin experimenting today with visual cues like an averted gaze, and see how they can revolutionise your digital marketing game, improving conversions, and ultimately, driving growth for your business.

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