Last week I was so busy celebrating my 40th birthday that I totally overlooked that I had approached a milestone in my business – Impactiv8 turned 2!
I have since had some time to sit back and reflect on the past two years and what has contributed to the growth of my business over that period.
Seeing as though one of the best decisions I made was to start using Infusionsoft as the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for my business, I thought it was timely to do an Infusionsoft CRM software review (now that I have been using it for 12 months).

Actually, to call Infusionsoft a CRM is a massive understatement, as it does so much more!

What I Used Before Infusionsoft

When Impactiv8 first started, I used a combination of the following tools to perform the tasks that Infusionsoft now takes care of:

Many of Impactiv8’s clients and potential clients were duplicated on each of the systems and none of those systems synched with each other. For instance, if a change in contact details were received, it would require a manual change in all systems. This was frustrating and not efficient.

Infusionsoft CRM

Infusionsoft CRM Software For Small BusinessNow I use Infusionsoft to manage Impactiv8’s:

  • Customers and potential customers, with the ability to segment based on behaviour;
  • Email marketing, lead generation and auto-responder campaigns;
  • On-line sales; and
  • On-line training membership portals

Infusionsoft CRM Review

Some of the benefits of using Infusionsoft include:

  • Better systems and increased efficiency, resulting in more time spent on revenue generation activities rather than mundane admin tasks;
  • Integration of contacts, email marketing, online bookings, shopping cart and a membership training portal for all online courses, as they are all housed within the one system;
  • Instant payment directly into Impactiv8’s bank account when someone purchases products/services online. Previously, with some of the online booking systems I used, I would have to wait was up to a month for payment.
  • The number of invoices I need to manually generate and payments I have to chase has reduced significantly;
  • Greater knowledge about all clients and potential clients, including all online interactions they have made with Impactiv8;
  • I can see the lifetime value of each client within Infusionsoft;
  • Greater lead generation through automated processes, enabling a much greater reach for Impactiv8; and
  • A more professional look for the business.

Infusionsoft isn’t perfect. There are still some integrations I would like to see, such as integration with Xero (my accounting package of choice). However, I am hopeful that this will come with time, as within the past 12 months they have included a Marketplace section within the online software and the number of Apps that Infusionsoft integrates with has increased at an impressive rate since it’s introduction.
I would also like to see improvements in the email broadcast section of Infusionsoft, in particular the templates on offer and the ability to share and work on multiple broadcasts across users within the same account. Mailchimp, Awebber and many other dedicated email marketing providers outshine Infusionsoft in that regard, but no doubt this too will improve given time.
Price is also a consideration. Infusionsoft is definitely not the cheapest CRM option available, but you certainly get what you pay for here. It comes with almost all of the bells and whistles you would expect for the price tag.

On balance, I would say that the positives of Infusionsoft far outweigh any negatives.

When Should You Switch Over To Infusionsoft?

For anyone considering making the switch, I would encourage you to do so well before you think you need to. I say this, as once you are at the point that you desperately feel that you need to switch to a more robust CRM it is probably too late.
These are some of my reasons for this recommendation:

  • Being such a powerful CRM, with so many integrated features, makes Infusionsoft a complex system to master. There is a steep learning curve and you are better off doing that earlier on in your business development – you are going to have to learn whatever other system you choose to use anyway, so why not just learn one system once;
  • If you switch when you don’t have many subscribers and/or customers, you can experiment with the system and make mistakes that will effect a much smaller number of people (and you will make mistakes);
  • If you set up Infusionsoft’s automation capabilities to work for you early on in your business development, that will free you up to spend more time working on your business; and
  • Transferring a small amount of contacts is much less work than a large database, particularly if you have not set up your initial database to tag your customers behaviour and have to do that manually – or worse still, do not have that data captured at all a couple of years into the development of your business.

I took the plunge and switched over to Infusionsoft well before I needed all the features that Infusionsoft had to offer. I did that with the mindset that I will need those features in the future as the business continues to grow and I didn’t want to go through the painful process of changing CRM software when my business was much larger.

Recommendations For Switching To Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is an investment. If you are going to invest in Infusionsoft, then you need to also invest in one of their Kickstart training packages to assist you in getting started. Whilst they have great on-line support in the form of of an online user guide, video library, live support (via phone or online) and a user community, it will save you in the long-term if you invest in a Kickstart package so that you can set up your system under the guidance of Infusionsoft experts and get Infusionsoft working for you effectively from the beginning.
Do you use Infusionsoft for your business? If so, tell us what you feel are the pros and cons of Infusionsoft in the comments below.