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Instagram is more than just a pretty newsfeed of inspirational images and quirky videos.

It’s a valuable social media platform for businesses, providing the opportunity to share your story with the world and connect with those people who matter to your business the most.

Simply put, Instagram provides businesses with the potential to build awareness, generate brand loyalty and convert your followers into customers. But achieving success on Instagram is not as easy as applying a fancy filter to your images and cropping your videos to 60 seconds.

You need a strategy for success, backed-up with best-practice know-how and an understanding of the tools that will help you develop compelling and engaging content that will deliver real results for your business.

This workshop will set you on the path to Instagram success.



Facebook Ads Strategy

  • Why you should invest in Facebook Ads
  • Creating a Facebook Ads strategy for your business
  • Understanding your objectives
  • Calculating your ROI and setting appropriate budgets
  • Understanding Facebook Ads Policies

Audience Targeting

  • Developing your Customer Avatars
  • How to target based on interests and demographics
  • Creating custom retargeting audiences
  • Generating lookalike audiences
  • Understanding which audiences to use and when

Compelling Offers

  • The elements that make up compelling offers
  • Developing lead generation resources
  • How to position your product to sell
  • Optimising sales and landing pages for higher conversions