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There’s a little known secret going around Facebook Town. It’s a secret that has the potential to increase your Page Likes without you having to spend money on Facebook Advertising.

Yes, FREE page Likes!

Now I bet that’s music to your ears.

But the best bit about these potential new Likes is that they will come from people who have already actively engaged with your page, but haven’t actually Liked your page yet.

Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and pretend they just forgot to Like you. All they need now is just a gentle reminder to Like your page and all you have to do is…

Invite People Who Like Your Facebook Post to Like Your Page!

Now, you’re probably wondering “how are people liking your Posts if they haven’t already Liked your Page yet?”
Quite often it’s because the Post has been shared by a Friend or another Page that they follow, allowing your Page Post to show up in their Newsfeed, even though they haven’t Liked your Page.

Another way they can see this content is when a story about one of their Friends interacting with one of your Posts appears in their Activity Feed; you know that face-paced stream on the right hand side of a desktop which is also known as the Ticker (I personally like to call it Stalker Vision).

Regardless of how they discover your Post, they then have the opportunity to engage with your post and may choose to Like, Comment or Share the Post, but they won’t necessarily take that next step and Like your Page.

The good news is that if they have already Liked your Post, then you may be able to help them take that next step to Liking your Page by inviting them to do so in a manner which is going to make it super easy for them to do so.

How Can You Invite People Who Like Your Facebook Post to Like Your Page?

Before you can start inviting your “engagers” to Like your Page, there are two things that have to happen first:

  1. You need to be logged into Facebook (desktop version, not mobile) and be using your Page as you (i.e. not being logged in as your Page).
  2. You need to have more Likes on your Post than can be listed individually within the space provided for the post, resulting in the rest being grouped under a hyperlink that total the number of “others”.

The number of Likes required to trigger the “others” hyperlink will depend upon the length of the names of the people who have Liked the Post and whether or not there is any other links on that same line, like “Top Comments”. The example below only has three Likes and nothing else taking up space in this area, so all of those names fit within this area, therefore the “others” hyperlink has not been triggered.
How to Invite People Who Like Your Facebook Post to Like Your Page - 7 likes
However, when you get more Post Likes than can be listed individually in this area, you end up with a hyperlink to view the “others” that couldn’t be listed. The example below shows that there are “36 others” who also Liked this post. This is too many to list individually within the space and therefore the “others” hyperlink appears.
How to Invite People Who Like Your Facebook Post to Like Your Page - 7 likes
Once you click on the “others” hyperlink, it then opens up a box that allows you to “Invite People Who Like This Post to Like Your Page”.
You can now clearly see who:

  • Likes your Page
  • Has already been invited to Like your Page
  • Who you can invite to Like your Page

How to Invite People Who Like Your Facebook Post to Like Your Page - 7 likes
From here, you just simply need to go ahead and invite those people who don’t already Like your Page to Like your Page.  I recommend doing this within 24 hours of the their engagement on the Post (where possible) in order to maximise your conversion rate.

It’s important to note that people who get an invite to Like your Page, are getting the invite directly from you, via your personal Facebook Profile.  So before you go ahead and invite anyone, decide if you want to remain anonymous or not.  Remember, you may be sending invites to people who are strangers to you personally. If you are not happy with this request coming from your personal Profile, then don’t use this feature.

How to Invite People Who Like Your Facebook Post to Like Your Page - 7 likes

Will They Actually Bother To Like Your Page?

How to Invite People Who Like Your Facebook Post to Like Your Page - 7 likes
I tested this on the Facebook Page for my photography business, The Memory Supply Co.

Of the 39 people who Liked this Post, 18 of them didn’t actually Like my Page!  In fact, one of these 18 people who didn’t Like my Page actually Liked this image so much that they even commented and shared it – perhaps a sign that they DO actually Like my Page and might want to see more of the content that I share (even though they never got around to pushing that Page Like button).

So I sent these 18 “engagers” a Page Like Invite and waited to see what would happen…

Within 5 Minutes of sending these Page Like Invites, three of the “engagers” accepted!

That equates to a 16% conversion rate.

Admittedly, 24 hours after sending the Page Like Invite, I had no other conversions, but it’s also important to note that the post I used as an example here was four months old at the time that I sent these Page Like invites, so they would’ve been receiving this Page Like Invite completely out of context.
Ideally, I should have sent the Page Like Invites to my “engagers” within 24 hours of them Liking my post and I probably would’ve got an even better result.

So this really does work!

Not only is this a great little secret to build your Page Likes organically, it also provides another reason why you should be trying to get more people to Like, Comment on and Share your Posts. Those engagements are increasing the chances of your Posts being seen by people who don’t Like your Page and then once they Like your Post, because you have had so much activity on the Post, you are more likely to trigger the “others” hyperlink, which will then give you a direct method to reach out and invite them to Like your Page.

Cool hey?

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Give this a go and let us know how many extra Page Likes you are able to achieve as a result. If you have any other hot Page Like tips, feel free to share them with us in the comments below. 

By the way, even though this is a little known secret. We actually don’t mind if you tell other people else about it. Feel free to share this blog post so that other businesses may benefit from knowing this secret too.

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