So have you blabbed yet?
Or do you have no idea what I am on about?
If you have no idea, that’s probably because I am talking about one of the latest tools that is taking the social media world by storm –
You have probably heard of Meerkat or Periscope by now. These are two of the video broadcasting platforms that have been growing in popularity over the past few of months.
Well there’s a new kid on the block, it’s called Blab and in my humble opinion it is waaaaaay better than its predecessors in this technology space.

What is Blab? combines the features of Google Hangouts with Periscope-like functions. It is both a desktop and a Blab mobile (iPhone) app, allowing up to four simultaneous video streams at once that are displayed in four quadrants on the one screen.

Why Is Blab Better?

Blab.imFor sake of an example, let’s just compare it with Periscope, which is my preferred platform over Meerkat. Periscope allows you to broadcast yourself to the world and interact with those watching via comments, as well as gain feedback in the form of social proof through hearts.
Those comments and hearts can be delayed and distracting, often detracting from the experience for viewers when the broadcaster is focusing on these interactions rather than the content they intended to deliver.
As a viewer, your ability to interact is also limited to your comments and the hope that the broadcaster sees what you write and then engages with it. If there a lot of people watching and engaging, it is often hard for the broadcaster to keep up and engage with all. This can be frustrating for the person that is being overlooked.
Blab by default has four seats available in a broadcast. The person who hosts the Blab takes one seat and anyone else on the Blab can jump into the other seats if vacant. Those seats can be filled and vacated at anytime, resulting in a change of presenters throughout the broadcast.
So this is where the big difference is and the main reason why I prefer Blab.
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Why Blab is better:

  • You have the ability to collaborate and co-host with other people that might not be in the same location.
  • You can engage in proper conversations with your audience, increasing the value significantly for the members of your audience, as well as potentially adding another dimension to your presentation, which if done well can improve the quality of your broadcast.
  • Blab’s provide the opportunity for “everyday people” to share the screen with their idols or influencers, which has previously never been so easily possible in this video broadcasting format.
  • Blab gives you the ability to mute any or all of the four video video window, which is a great way to be able to moderate and control the flow of conversation if required.
  • You can set up and schedule Blabs in advance, so you can communicate them in advance to your audience to get more people on the broadcast.
  • You can easily record and save the videos from within the application.
  • You log into Blab using Twitter and you automatically start following those people that you already follow on Twitter that are also on Blab, so it’s very easy to build an audience and connect on Blab with those people that you are already connected with on Twitter.
  • Blab makes it really easy to Tweet out your Blab and who you are sharing the broadcast with.
  • There is a Chrome desktop extension, as well as app alerts, that allows you to be alerted when a Blab is in progress, allowing you to jump into those Blabs that seem of interest to you.
  • The video quality is quite good and it doesn’t seem to suffer from connectivity issues like what Facebook Live Broadcasting is currently struggling with.
  • The comments are not intrusive on the desktop, as they sit to the right of the video, rather than overlapping the video stream itself.
  • You can like someone’s video with what Blab calls “feels,” which are represented by two hands raised in the air, otherwise know as the “praise” emoji. This can give new viewers social proof when they enter a Blab. Feels are broadcast specific, so they are lost after the chat and revert back to zero when you enter a new Blab video chat. I am not a fan of how people are always asking for “hearts” on Periscope, so Blab specific “feels” should hopefully result in broadcasters stressing less over seeking the social proof and focusing more on the quality of the content being delivered.

My First Blab Experience

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I was able to benefit from all of these features in my first Blab. I saw a notification on my desktop that Cliff Ravenscraft was having his first Blab whilst out for a walk.
I have been a big fan of Cliff’s for years and actually went for a walk with him myself, whilst at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego earlier in the year. Cliff was one of the people who taught me all I needed to know to set up and launch #BusinessAddicts The Podcast and provided me with some great advice on the podcast when we went for our walk. He is also currently inspiring me with his weight loss journey, so I was super keen to chat with him and thank him again and update him on the impact his advice, inspiration and support had provided me.
So I jumped on the Blab and was honoured to be the very first person that shared a hot seat with him. We chatted for some time and during that conversation Mike Stelzner joined the Blab also. It was great to chat to both Cliff and Mike. After a whilst I vacated the seat to allow others to chat with Cliff whilst he continued on his walk.
About 20 minutes later I saw a Twitter notification that said that Cliff Ravenscraft, Darren Rowse and Mike Stelzner were all Tweeting about Blab. I then went back to Cliff’s Blab and realised that Darren Rowse had joined the Blab, so I jumped into the vacant seat as we had been chatting about Darren and my presentation ProBlogger earlier and thought it would be great to continue on that conversation with Darren present.
Not long after I joined the conversation, Mike Stelzner joined back in. Pinch me now!!!
Link Image - Blab
These three guys are some of the top influencers in my industry and deros of mine. I was in heaven. So of course I took a selfie. 🙂
Blab provides an amazing platform to be able to raise your profile and connect with people that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.
I have been blabbing about the benefits of Blab ever since. The potential benefits go far beyond the few that I have mentioned above. I would encourage you to check it out and see how it might be able to assist you in your business.
Whilst you are at it, you should follow me on Blab.