Keap Pro
all-in-one CRM, sales and marketing automation PLATFORM 

Keap are in the business of helping you grow yours

Keap Pro is a complete sales and marketing toolkit that you customize to consistently win business. It is our preferred marketing automation app for businesses that market online, but then usually need to have a conversation before the sale is made.

Keap Pro allows you to do that by including all your lead and client information, activity, and messages within one Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM), as well as making it easy to set-up appointments, track leads, send quotes and receive payments all from within the same system.

Features include:

CRM (Client management)


Marketing Automation


Sales Pipeline




Quotes, invoices & payments







Keap Pro is ideal for growing, service-based businesses in home, professional, and personal services that are:

Acquiring new leads

Acquiring new leads

Trying to convert more leads into customers

Booking appointments with prospects & clients

Quoting and/or invoicing clients

Automating repetitive sales and marketing tasks

Keap Pro is like hiring a new employee, but at a micro fraction of the cost

KEAP will help you…

Organise leads

Add new leads by scanning business cards, importing contact lists, completing smart forms or capturing information directly from your website.

All new and existing leads and client interactions are stored in the one place, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Track and manage your leads and clients throughout your sales process all in a single view using Keap’s Pipeline. 

Connect your data with hundreds of apps to be more efficient and productive.

Book appointments

Send your calendar link for hassle-free appointment scheduling based on your availability.

Keap notifies you and adds appointments to your calendar immediately once appointments are booked.

Confirmations and reminders are sent automatically and your meeting guests can reschedule appointments with easy. 

Manage your pipeline

Track, manage and measure the value of your leads and clients throughout your sales process in an interactive drag-and-drop single snapshot. 

Automate and manage multiple sales pipelines at once.

Automatically rigger email sequences, task or apply/remove tags when you move a lead from one sales stage to the next.

Never miss a step in your sales process or lose track of a lead again. 

Get the job

Take the friction out of winning work with hassle-free appointment scheduling and easy quotes and invoices.

Keap’s intuitive drag-and-drop campaign builder allows you to set up automated workflows to help streamline your sales and marketing processes. 

Get more repeat business and referrals on autopilot with campaigns.

Do business on-the-go

Add or access client info, tasks and notes on-the-go, keeping you prepared and ensuring you make a winning impression with clients. 

Apply tags and trigger off automations from your mobile.

Create email templates making it easy for you to send your contact details, book appointments and other send important information when you are away from your computer. 

Get paid

Create, send and trackbranded invoices and see which have been viewed, paid, or are past due.

Clients can pay directly from your invoices via all major credit cards, debit cards or PayPal. 

Stay on top of your payments – Keap alerts you when an invoice has been viewed and reminds clients when their invoice is due.

Automatically trigger personalised emails once a client accepts a quote or pays an invoice.

Stay connected

Communicate with your clients automatically based on their actions. 

Deliver the kind of service that earns you referrals, leading to long-term relationships (and business).

Send automated requests for referrals and reviews to your ost loyal clients. 

Stop typing the same message over and over and save time with email templates. 

Make informed decisions

Gain valuable insights from data to make smart business decisions.

Use dashboards and reports to visualise traffic, data, conversions and more. 

The smarter way for small businesses to do great work


Keap organises your client information and daily work in one place, freeing you up from repetitive tasks. With more time, you can focus on delivering the great service your clients expect.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Task Management


Multiple Appointment Booking Calendars


Quotes, Invoicing, Payments & Recurring Payments


Sales Pipeline Automation


Landing Page Builder


Smart Forms








Integrations - Connect your data with other apps


500 Contacts (standard), PLUS 2,000 Bonus Contacts (2,500 total)


2 Users

As a Keap Certified Partner in Australia, Impactiv8 is able to sell Keap Pro in AUD$ and cheaper than the US$ price advertised on the Keap website. Impactiv8 is also able to include 2,500 contacts, instead of only the 500 contacts that come as standard.