Not getting the results you hoped for on social media?
Chances are it’s because you are missing the biggest key to social media success.
Any idea what it is?
If you thought it was building a massive audience, then yes that will help considerably, but no it’s not that.
If you thought it was pumping out loads of valuable content on a regular and consistent basis to share on social media, then yes that is important, but not it’s not THE most important thing.
If you thought investing in Facebook Ads was it, then yes that will help you get a larger and more targeted reach, but it’s still not the biggest key to social media success.

THE Biggest Key To Social Media Success

THE most important thing you need to have for your business on social media if you want to achieve success is… (drum roll please)…
Other people talking about how awesome your business/products/services/staff or some other aspect of your business is!
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#BusinessAddicts The PodcastLet me demonstrate this by way of example.
Back in March 2015 Fiona Redding of The Happiness Hunter and I launched #BusinessAddicts The Podcast.
In a relatively short period of time we have managed to smash all of our major goals, which included:

  • Making it into New and Noteworthy in iTunes within 24hrs.
  • Making it to No.1 in Business – Management and Marketing on iTunes
  • Having 65 fellow #BusinessAddicts attend the first LIVE event within 3 months of launching the podcast
  • Being selected to speak at ProBlogger Training event on the Gold Coast later this year about ProPodcasting Strategies off the back of the success of the #BusinessAddicts Podcast
  • Skyrocketing the profile and businesses of us as co-hosts, resulting in a better bottom-line for our businesses

When asked why the podcast has been so successful, my answer is simple…

We have achieved success because we have developed a community of advocates around our podcast.

We have loads of raving fans that are talking about how awesome our podcast is to their audiences. This activity further amplifies our reach into places that we otherwise wouldn’t have had access.
But it’s not just a matter of access. Even if we already had access into those audiences, their messages have so much more weight than ours would, as they are providing a third party (unbiased) endorsement within an audience that trusts their opinion.

It’s Never Been More Important To Get People Raving About You Than NOW!

In one of it’s most recent algorithm changes, Facebook announced that it will now be favouring the content shared by People over the content shared by Pages. Therefore now, more than ever, it is important for you to be getting other people to talk about how awesome you are, as it is stories from individuals that are going to be getting far greater reach in the newsfeed than any content you share as your Page. When you add that to the social proof their messages provide, that’s pretty powerful stuff!

What Raving Fans Look Like

Raving fans promote you on social media

Raving fans take #selfies of themselves consuming your content, wearing your product or demonstrating their results that YOU helped them achieve. They most likely @tag your social media platforms in their posts and/or use your hashtags.

Raving fans favourite and re-tweet your tweets

Raving fans recommend you

Raving fans recommend you whenever they see an opportunity. Some will even go as far as to write (sometimes multiple) blog posts about how awesome you are, like these examples.

  • Angie’s 5 Favourite Podcasts Right Now
  • Top Podcasts – Your Recommendations
  • Tapping Into Success With EFT
  • Success Tips To Help Your Business Bloom

Raving fans write awesome reviews

It’s these iTunes reviews that helped get us to number 1 in the Business – Management and Marketing category on iTunes. iTunes Reviews

Raving fans rock up to your events

We held an awesome event in Melbourne where loads of our listeners attended. 

Raving fans buy your stuff!

I have had new coaching clients, paid presentation bookings and new contracts to manage the social media platforms of businesses, all directly attributable to the success of the podcast. When I ask how they found out about the podcast, in most cases it was through someone they trusted.
Raving Fans

You Need To Earn It!

You can’t create or buy the kind of authentic social proof that comes with people raving about how awesome you are. You have to earn it!
We earned this kind of activity from our listeners by putting together a quality podcast that fulfils a need.
So, the first step on your path toward getting other people to talk about how awesome your business is, is to simply BE AWESOME!
Fail to do that and nobody will be talking about you at all, let alone on social media. Or worse still, they will be talking about you on social media, but in a less than favourable manner and I am sure you know loads of stories about how that has turned out for many businesses.