Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two massive sales events that originated in the USA, but over the years have been gaining worldwide popularity.

Black Friday is the name given to the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday.

Traditionally Black Friday was for retail shopping, whilst Cyber Monday was designed for online shopping and tech deals, but these days they have morphed into a long weekend of sale frenzy where consumers go crazy snapping up massive discounts. 

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales period is equally anticipated by people looking to get their Christmas shopping done for a bargain, as well as businesses looking to invest in massive tech and software discounts to bring down their expenses. 

This presents a massive opportunity for businesses offering either B2B or B2C products and services to jump on the bandwagon, regardless of whether they operate on or offline. 

There are many pros and cons for being involved in this event as a business and this should be weighed up in advance of slashing your prices. However, assuming you have already done that and decided to get on board, then here’s some of the ways you can make more sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday from your digital marketing.

1. Instead of running the sale from Friday to Monday, do two 24-hour sales

Just because Black Friday and Cyber Monday have morphed into a single event, it doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. 

There is nothing like a sense of urgency to spur people into action. To avoid people holding off until the last minute to purchase your deal and then potentially spending all their money on other ‘too good to be true’ deals in the meantime, you can go in hard on Black Friday with sales on some products or services and then switch your promotion to other discounted products or services on Cyber Monday.

2. Promote it like a film premiere

Treat your promotion like a major event. Start dropping teasers in advance to build the anticipation. You want to get people mentally and emotionally invested in buying from you over the plethora of other options they will have available to them across the sale period. 

I already have my wish list ready of the purchases I want to make and your customers are doing the same thing. You want to get on that list!

3. Enforce limitations and create scarcity

The best way to encourage people to buy NOW is to inject an element of scarcity into your sales. You can do this in various ways, including: 

  • Limited time
  • Limited number of buyers
  • Limited number of products

Again, think of Black Friday and Cyber Monday as an EVENT and events must end.

You can also add new bonuses on different days… or you can do the reverse and start with all the bonuses and remove one each day as a way to generate further scarcity. 

4. Run your promotion BEFORE Black Friday

There’s no rule that says you can’t start ahead of time. 

If you want to get ahead of the competition, you can always go early by offering a pre-sales price and then raise the price on Black Friday. 

But whatever you do, don’t offer a pre-sale price and then drop it further once the sale period commences. That’s the fast track to unhappy customers. 🙁

5. Offer a bundle

You may be hesitant about slashing your prices, but still want to get involved. A great way to do that is to add value instead. You can achieve this by packaging up some of your products or services into a bundle so that your customers are getting more than what they normally would for the same price. 

To ensure you maintain profit margins on those items you don’t wish to discount, make sure that you add in scalable products that won’t cost you anything additional in terms of time or product costs. Examples of these are digital courses that are already produced and don’t require any more time on your behalf or products that didn’t cost you anything in the first place, like leftover conference swag (assuming they are of decent value to help attract the sale). 

6. Promote other people’s stuff

One of the great ways to leverage the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales without having to discount your prices is to promote relevant affiliate offers from other businesses

We do this every year at Impactiv8 and it has become a decent revenue earner for us with the trailing commissions we receive as a result of people subscribing to our favourite SaaS providers via our affiliate links. 

My only warning here is to make sure that you ensure that the deals you are promoting are things you have bought and used yourself. You are providing an endorsement, and the quality of the deal reflects on you, so make certain that you love it and feel they would be of massive value to your audience even at full price before you go promoting it. 

The last thing you want to do is annoy your audience because you encouraged them to buy something that turned out to be a dud. 

7. Collaborate with others

Not all businesses participate in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, so why not see which of your industry colleagues that attract a similar audience to yours are sitting this one out. Then reach out to them to see if they want to get on board in promoting what you have to offer for some sort of kickback.

Offering an affiliate arrangement on sales, as well as providing them with a swipe file of promotional content for them to use, is a great way to get them on board.

8. Create “subscriber only” discounts

Exclusivity deals can have an air of importance to them, making them seem even more valuable because not everyone can get their hands on them. 

If you plan on taking this approach, then it is probably a good idea to promote this in advance via your social media channels to help get people onto your list prior to the sale period. 

9. Promote your offers to active email subscribers only

If you want to increase the chances of your emails ending up in the inboxes of the majority of the people you are sending them to, then only send your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to those people that have opened your emails within the past couple of months. 

Your inactive subscribers are hurting your email deliverability, so clear them out

They aren’t opening your emails, so there is an incredibly slim chance that they were going to buy from you anyway. So you haven’t really lost anything. 

Instead, you have improved your chances of ending up in the inboxes of those people that are primed and ready to buy.

10. Don’t use “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” in your email subject lines…

Unless you want to sound like everyone else or risk ending up in the spam or promotions folders. 

There are other ways you can get across the fact that you are participating in the sales with a bit of creative copywriting, such as:

  • 37% Off Storewide | Click Mania Starts Now (note: give your offer a name)
  • You Decide What’s on Sale — 21% off 12 hours only! ⏰ (note: give them a choice + time limit)
  • Must See Price Drops Up to 71% Off
  • “This is Ah-mazing…” (+ 24 hour sale now on) (note: testimonial + time limit)
  • Hurry Prices Drop  This won’t last ⏰ 
  • These are selling fast… FOMO is real (note: lead with curiosity)

11. Use all available channels

There is a lot of “noise” online around the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and as a result it is easy for your messages to get drowned in all that noise. 

Being omnipresent during massive sales events like this can assist you in being seen by your customers. They may miss your post on Facebook, but they might catch it on Instagram instead. 

This is also why email marketing should be such an important part of your digital marketing strategy. Assuming you have done a good job with your email marketing over time, then your emails should be sitting in their inbox waiting for your customers to view them. However, on the other hand, your social content will be sitting in the palms of the social media algorithmic gods to do with it what they please. 

12. Create compelling content

It’s one thing to have a compelling offer, but that is only part of the equation. You then have to back it up with compelling content that demonstrates the value of that offer. 

By compelling content, I am referring to your:

  • Visuals (videos, images, gifs, etc)
  • Copy (how are you going to make your offer sound better than everyone else’s?)

Your compelling content then needs to be crafted for the different places you will be promoting your offers. For example, the copy you use in a Facebook Ad will vary from how it is used in an email. Modifying your visuals and copy for the different placements in each social media platform will also assist in gaining better cut through, as the best format for videos in stories (portrait) is different to the best format for videos in the newsfeed (square). 

This can take a bit of time, so don’t leave it to the last minute. 

13. Use video

Once of the best ways to cut through the noise and stand out from your competition, particularly when it comes to social media, is to use video to help promote your deals. 

You want to create thumb stopping content that compels your audience to stop the scroll, pay attention to what you have to offer and take action! 

Some of the ways you can achieve this is to use video that:

  • Includes lots of motion, particularly at the start
  • Leads with something that is most likely to hook onto the eyeballs of your ideal customers, such as the percentage off discount
  • Features engaging visuals of what’s included in the offer
  • Demonstrates the benefits of the offer
  • Incorporates details of the scarcity element of your promotion
  • Demonstrates social proof through the inclusion of ratings, reviews or testimonials

14. Invest in Paid Ads

Another way to cut through the noise is to invest in Facebook Ads or Google Ads to help get your offers in front of your ideal audiences. 

But this comes with a warning…

Advertising costs across the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend skyrocket due to the number of businesses eager to get their deals in front of potential customers. 

If you don’t intend to be offering massive discounts or value added bonuses during this time, then my advice to you is to pause your ads at this time to save some cash. 

15. Plan your promotions ahead of time

Facebook Ads experts, email marketers, graphic designers, web developers and pretty much all digital marketers in general are usually smashed with work in the lead up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

If you intend on outsourcing any aspect of your promotions, book it in early to avoid the disappointment of finding out that they are already at capacity when you finally get around to asking for help. 

And by early, I mean preferably a couple of months out. Most digital marketing agencies plan their workload and resources at least a month in advance, often more. So at a bare minimum, let them know your plans and see what their submission deadlines are in advance of this period to make sure your work gets done in time.

16. Schedule your emails ahead of time

Want to know the two biggest days of the year for sending emails? 

It’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Email service providers can only send a limited number of emails at a time and if you want to get to the front of that queue, then schedule your emails early. Most operate on a first scheduled, first out basis. 

I have heard way too many sob stories from businesses that pushed that “Send Now” button on Black Friday and then wondered why their email didn’t go out until later that afternoon, missing out on most of the day of sales. 

This is another reason why sending an email in advance of the sale period is important. At least your customers will already know that you had something planned and are more likely to go to your website and check out your offers even if your email doesn’t land in their inboxes on sales day. Especially if your product or service was already on their wish list.

17. Schedule your Facebook Ads ahead of time

Even during a non-sales period, sometimes Facebook can take a couple of days to approve your ads. Especially if they contain something that is flagged by their AI systems as requiring a manual review. This is also often the case for those new to Facebook Ads. 

If you intend to put some ad spend behind your Facebook promotion of your campaign, then my suggestion is to schedule those ads at least a full week in advance to increase the chances of them being live in time. This should also give you a bit of wiggle room to make edits should your ads be disapproved for any reason. 

If you have never run Facebook Ads before, then another tip here would be not to start at this time. You really need to have a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to using Facebook Ads for your business in advance of a high ad cost period like this. Otherwise you are most likely just going to burn your money and never EVER want to use the Facebook Advertising platform again. 

18. Extend the sale until Tuesday

Assume that for whatever reason (family dinner, out shopping, passed out on the couch, etc) that your audience didn’t see your offer or that they didn’t spend their full ‘splurge budget’ and that they are still looking to nab a bargain when all the sales have fizzled up. 

Extending your sale can be a great way to pick up the stragglers. Just make certain you can justify why you are doing this, as those people who jumped at your offer based on the scarcity element won’t be too happy otherwise. 

You don’t want to act like the ‘boy who cried wolf’ and take the risk of them never believing you again. 

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