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Our team has been hand-picked for their expertise, so we can be your go-to for everything digital marketing.

We coach small businesses with their Digital Marketing

Are you a small business owner in Victoria who is looking for assistance with your Digital Literacy?

Has your business been affected by:

  • Extended lockdown periods?
  • Having to restructure your workforce?
  • Needing to change your business model completely?

Impactiv8’s expert team can help you to navigate the complexities of digital marketing and adapt your business to the changing landscape. We can assist with specific problems, overall strategy and coach you through implementation, monitoring and scaling, so that you can create a more profitable business… no matter what’s going on in the world! 

Find the support you need to navigate this “new normal” for your business.

Whether you’re pivoting, taking your business online or looking for opportunities to scale your business online… you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

“Absolutely loved the training this morning with Jay. He explained everything so clearly. I now understand everything so much clearer and am excited to now start doing Facebook Ads.”

Christeen Jacobs

Sew n Sew Sewing School

Our mentoring services include:

General Digital Marketing Advice

  • Audience & competitor research
  • Digital marketing tools that we recommend
  • How to build social proof
  • How to improve your presence online
  • Mini audit and strategy suggestions
  • Making sure your offer is setting you up for success

Organic Social Media

  • Content creation strategy advice
  • How to build your audience on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and other platforms
  • How to batch images and content production

Email Marketing

  • Content building ideas
  • List building strategies
  • Platforms we recommend

Facebook & Instagram Ads

  • How to improve the quality of your Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • The importance of testing and optimising

Website & Landing Pages Optimisation

  • How to optimise your website for best ROI
  • Mini website audit with tips for how to improve

“We have loved working with Luke – he is really patient and explains the tech really well (i.e. answering our dumb questions). We have learnt so much already.”

Laurelle Halford

DIY Tour Guide


We work with small businesses who need some guidance on areas of their Digital Marketing, guiding you through the processes in order to pass on the knowledge and skills to improve your online activities solo.

We have worked with businesses from many different industries, including:

Accounting & Finance


Allied Health Services

eCommerce Stores

Building & Construction


Education & Tutoring


Online Delivery Platforms

Health & Fitness

Food & Beverage

Event Management

Essential Services


Real Estate Agencies

Travel & Tourism

Sport and Leisure

“I just finished my session with Caz and I wanted to give some feedback. She was wonderful. Not only was she great and easy to deal with, but we went through so much information and she gave me so much info about what I can improve. Can’t compliment her highly enough.”

Sue Porter

Hot Chilli Mama

Need some proof?


“We really loved the session, it made so much sense and was the clearest anyone has been with marketing for me in 12yrs. My husband also loved it and he is a true marketing sceptic. Thank you for that alone. I am really looking forward to the next few sessions.”

Julia Van Der Sommen

The Sample Room


How do I make sure I am allocated to Impactiv8?
  1. On the application form, choose “Engaging with the digital world” as your top priority – it’s best to choose it as your only priority (don’t feel like you have to rank all provided options, as if you do, there is a chance that we won’t be provided as an option for you, as we only provide “Digital” services, not all the other options).
  2. Once you are approved (this can take up to a week) you will then be sent via email a list of businesses (including Impactiv8) to choose from. If Impactiv8 is not on the list (which may be the case if you don’t select “Engaging with the digital world” as your top priority in the questionnaire), you can email VCCI and request us specifically, saying you were referred to the program by Impactiv8 and hoping to be able to work with us. 
  3. If you choose Impactiv8 we will be notified (this usually takes a couple of days) and then we have 2 business days to accept your application.
  4. Once we accept your application, VCCI then sends us your contact details (this usually takes a couple of days).  
  5. Once we receive your contact details, one of the Impactiv8 team members will contact you to book in your first 2hr session. VCCI recommends that you try to book in your first session within 5 business days, if possible. Provided you have not previously used any hours with another supplier, you will then have access to 4x2hr sessions with one of our team members. 
How long does the application process take?

The whole process from applying to participating in your first session usually takes at least two weeks, but can take longer if you don’t respond to any correspondence as soon as possible after you receive it. We don’t manage the initial application process, we are only notified once you are assigned to us.

How many sessions do I receive?

You can apply for 8 hours of mentoring, which is delivered in 4 x 2 hour sessions. If you have engaged another business to deliver part of the time, and Impactiv8 for subsequent sessions, we will deliver the remainder of the time you have left. 

What will happen in the sessions?

During the first session we will go through an audit of your current digital marketing activities and develop an Action Plan for you. This information will then be used to allocate the most appropriate mentor(s) based on your requirements and will be used to inform what we focus on throughout the remainder of your mentoring sessions.

After each of your subsequent sessions, your mentor will complete an ‘Action Plan’ report that will be sent to VCCI. VICCI will provide you with a copy of this. If not already booked in during your previous session, you will receive a separate email with a booking link for you to book in for your next session. You will have up to 3 months to complete all four sessions, but our recommendation is that you aim for 4-6 weeks to complete the sessions for greater momentum.  

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