A done-with-you service to help you get the best possible return on investment for your Facebook & Instagram Ads

    Are you a service business looking to get your Facebook and Instagram Ads lead generation campaign setup without having to learn how to do it all yourself or pay ongoing management fees?

    That’s exactly what we can do for you.

    Does this sound familiar?

    "I have a busy service business and don't have time to learn everything there is to know about Facebook Ads"

    Social Media Frustration

    "I have run ads before, but they didn't perform well because I didn't really know what I was doing"

    Dollar Sign

    "I don't want to relinquish control and be locked into expensive ongoing agency fees to manage my ads"

    We have the solution so that you don’t have to go it alone, be locked into ongoing agency fees or waste your valuable time or money!

    You’ve got enough on your plate already without having to learn all the ins and outs of how to create high converting Facebook and Instagram Ads. Our Meta Ad Campaign Set Up Service is a done-with-you service, supported by Loren Bartley, a Meta Ads expert with more than ten years experience generating millions of dollars worth of value for clients using the power of Facebook and Instagram Ads.

    It is designed to help you nail your ad creative and get your ad campaign set up optimally and with ease, removing the guesswork, stress and wasted money.

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    This is your opportunity to:

    ⭐️ Work with and learn from a Meta Ads expert
    ⭐️ Maintain control over your ad creative
    ⭐️ Improve your conversion rates
    ⭐️ Stop wasting time & money
    ⭐️ Pay no ongoing fees
    ⭐️ Get results!



    Facebook Ad Set Up - Ad Account Set Up

    Ad Account Setup

    Have you verified your website? Do you have your Meta Pixel installed properly? Have you set up key event tracking? Are you using the Conversions API to send activity to Meta to help improve targeting and optimisation?

    It’s likely that your Ads Account is missing some of the basic setup required, which can impact your ad performance. 

    We’ll make sure that your ad account is setup properly so that you can gain maximum results for your ads. 

    Effective Audience Targeting

    Do you know who your ideal clients are? If so, we’ll use this information to find more of them. 

    Based on the information you provide about your ideal clients, we’ll set up various Saved Audiences and Lookalike Audiences within your ads account that will help your target more of your ideal clients in your ads. 

    We’ll also set up Custom Audiences to assist you in retargeting those people who have already raised their hand in some way to indicate they are a potential customer. 

    Facebook Ad Set Up - Audience Targeting
    Facebook Ad Set Up - Landing Page Optimisation

    Landing Page Optimisation

    Where you send your ad traffic to has a massive impact on the success of your ad campaigns.  

    We’ll share our High Converting Opt-in/Sales Page Templates, with examples of what needs to go into each section, making it super easy for you update your landing page to bring down the cost per result for your ads. 

    We’ll also review your landing page and provide specific feedback and guidance on how to optimise it for a higher conversion rate. 

    Ad Creative Creation Made Easy

    Your ad creative is arguably the most important aspect of your campaign. Get that wrong and the whole thing can fail!

    To prevent this, we’ll guide you through creating thumb stopping, highly engaging ad creative that will entice your ideal customers to take notice, click through to your offers and ultimately convert.

    We’ll share with you our Meta Ad Creative Swipe File (jam packed full of examples of creative that converts) to help inspire your ad creative. We’ll also provide a framework of what should be included in your creative, based on what is being promoted. This will improve the quality of your creative, whilst considerably cutting down your production time.

    We’ll critique the content you produce for two videos ads, two image ads and the copy for each of these four ad variations, providing recommendations for improvement throughout the production process. 

    Facebook Ad Set Up - Ad Creative Creation
    Facebook Ad Set Up - Ad Account Set Up

    Ad Campaign Setup

    If you’re not familiar with Meta’s Ads Manager, it can be overwhelming and all too easy to select the wrong options, completely derailing your campaign before it even starts. 

    Stress less. You won’t need to worry about all the different options Meta provides you when setting up your ad campaigns, as we’ll do that for you. 

    Once your ad creatives are finalised, we’ll populate the ad campaign within your ad account, optimising the ads for your desired objective, as well as setting up all the other components of your campaign. 

    Monitoring Campaign Performance

    Once your ads go live, we’ll monitor their performance for a period of 2 weeks, providing feedback and recommendations on how to improve your results.

    If the results indicate that a change is required to either the creative or the landing page, we’ll advise you on what should be done and then we’ll upload any changes to the ads account once complete. 

    If any optimisations need to be made within the ads account, we’ll do that for you, explaining what we are doing as we go so that you can lean how to do this for yourself.

    Learn The Essentials

    We’ll step you through your ad campaign structure and help you create your own customised view of the key metrics that you should be monitoring that are relevant to your campaigns.

    Then we’ll teach you how to monitor your ad performance and optimise your ads moving forward, so that you can confidently adjust them as necessary (once our initial two weeks management period has completed).

    We’ll also show you how you can turn them on and off as required over time. No need to pay someone to create and monitor new ads for you, when you can just turn them back on again and manage them yourself whenever it suits you. 

    “Right from the start it was obvious that you had a system that worked. You had a checklist of things that needed to be done and an order of priority. What was great was that you were not just looking at the ads. You looked at where I was potentially losing out earlier in the funnel and it became clear that my opt-in page needed a LOT of work. You were able to use your expertise and apply your formula of how you know landing pages work and say, ‘This bit is good, but let’s do this, then this, then this, then this, and then it will be even better.’ You asked the questions I hadn’t thought to ask myself, which I really appreciated. But it was the fact that you really cared that really made you stand out.”
    Andy Morgan

    Work with a Meta Ads pro

    Loren Bartley is a seasoned Digital Marketing Strategist, who has been running Facebook and Instagram Ads, as well as teaching thousands of small businesses how to run them profitably, since 2011.

    As a Meta Marketing Partner, Impactiv8 has generated more than 30 million dollars for its clients using the powerful combination of Facebook and Instagram Ads, high converting landing pages and email marketing.

    Not only will you get your ad campaign set up optimally, but you’ll also learn best-practice repeatable processes so that you can do it yourself in future. This will allow you to maintain control and continue to manage your campaign independently, as well as give you the confidence to be able to set up future campaigns for yourself.

    This is your unique opportunity to work one-on-one with a META Ads expert to finally nail your ad creative, optimise your ads and learn the process from a master.

    Here’s the most important details

    Here’s what we’ll do together

    Ensure that your ad account is setup properly

    Create audiences based on your ideal clients, as well as retargeting audiences

    Provide advice to optimise the landing page you are sending your ad traffic to for your opt-in offer

    Guide you to create 2 video ads, 2 image ads and enticing copy so that your ideal customers click through

    Set up the ad campaign within your ad account, optimising the ads for your desired objective

    Monitor your ad performance for 2 weeks, making adjustments where necessary to improve results

    Teach you how to monitor and optimise your ads moving forward so that you can adjust them as necessary and turn them on and off as required over time

    Here’s what you’ll get as bonus resources

    Meta Ad Campaign Setup Document, breaking down each step of the ad campaign process, specific to your offer

    High Converting Opt-in/Sales Page Templates, with examples of what needs to go into each section

    Access to our Meta Ad Swipe file to help inspire your ad creative

    Two additional weeks of premium email support once you're managing the campaigns for yourself (that's a total of four weeks support once your ads go live)

    Loads of personalised support!

    We’ll work together through a combination of shared documents, shared folders, emails and meetings. We’ll critique your landing page, videos, images and ad copy to ensure they are working together congruently to get you the best possible return on investment.


    Who is this for?

    Service based business that…

    Are looking to generate more leads and sales through Facebook and Instagram Ads

    Already have an evergreen opt-in resource created that you would like to promote

    Have tried ads before and realise there was an issue with either your creative, landing page and/or ad setup

    Are not willing to relinquish control and want to be able to manage your ads for yourself long-term

    Don't want to be locked into expensive long-term agency Ads Management fees

    Have a customer lifetime value that is greater than $2,000

    Are willing to invest at least $1,000 in ad spend to to test their ad campaign (and potentially much more long-term once it proves successful)

    Are willing to invest in your learning (in a more efficient and effective way)

    Is it worth the cost?

    Think about the time and money you have already invested in creating your opt-in offer.

    Is it currently generating a steady stream of leads for your business?

    If not, is that because your landing page is not converting well?

    Or because you are not driving enough traffic to your offer?

    Or both?

    Either way, we can help unlock the resources you’ve already invested into this and start generating more leads for your business.

    Imagine if our premium support and guidance helped you get just one more client…

    Think about the lifetime value of that client and what that would mean for your business.

    But of course, we’re confident you’ll be able to get way more than just one new client once you’ve got a steady stream of leads coming into your business on a daily basis as a result of our Meta Ad Campaign Setup Service.


    Do you have any any examples of other businesses you have provided this service to before?

    We sure do. Check out this Case Study on How To Get Support To Set Up An Evergreen Facebook Ad Campaign​, where we worked with to generate leads for less that $3 per opt-in.

    Do you help me decide what to create as an opt-in offer and set it up?

    No. This package is designed for businesses who already have an opt-in offer set up. We help you optimise what you’ve already got. If you’re starting from scratch, then contact us to find out about our Implementation Packages, where you can purchase a block of time to go through a similar process to help get your opt-in offer set up. 

    How long will it take to get my Facebook and Instagram Ads set up and how often do we meet?

    How long this takes will largely depend on how much work is to be done (i.e. how good your current opt-in page is and the quality of any creative you may already have) and how committed you are to implementing any recommendations provided in a timely manner.

    We communicate via shared documents, shared folders, emails and meetings. We value your time, so we only meet as many times as we need to get the job done. No more and no less.

    At the end of each meeting we will set tasks for each of us to complete and a date for our next meeting, with an expectation that those tasks will be completed by the time we next meet. This accountability is great for making timely progress so we can get your ads set up as soon as possible so that you can start getting a return on your investment.

    How long will you manage my ads for once live?

    Once your ads go live, we’ll monitor them for a period of 2 weeks, reporting to you on their progress and any changes we’ve made throughout that period. During this time, we may also request additional updates to creative if required.

    Once this management period is over, we’ll step you through what you need to do to continue to manage and optimise your ads moving forward, including the key metrics to monitor and benchmarks that should trigger next step actions on your behalf. 

    We’ll provide you with email support for another 2 weeks once you take over the reins of managing your ad campaigns for yourself.

    Do you help create the videos and images for me?

    We help you understand what should be included in your ad creative, but we don’t do it all for you.

    For video creative, we help you develop a video script and/or storyboard (as required). We critique what you create and then you refine it further. This may involve you needing to make edits or re-recording. We will do this several times until we are both satisfied with the final result.

    For image creative, we often do this together using Canva. 

    Ad copy is also a combined effort. In most cases we will draft the copy first to give us a starting point. We do this by taking the copy you already have on your opt-in landng page and applying formulas we know are more likely to convert. This is then refined together to ensure it speaks in your voice. 

    How much should I spend on my ads?

    As we are setting up four ad creatives within your Ad Campaing, we recommend that you allocate between $50-100 a day for the first two weeks of your campaign (that’s $700-$1,400 in total for the testing period). Depending on how Faebook distributes the budget, that should provide between $10-$30 per ad creative per day. 

    This level of ad spend will provide sufficient data during the period in which we will be managing your results to be able to make informed decisions around what aspects of your campaign are working and what needs further optimisation. Lower budgets will mean that you are limiting the learnings we will be able to make during this time, significantly reducing the benefit you will obtain from this management period. 

    At the end of the management period we will be able to advise on recommended ad spend moving forward. 

    What if I want a sales ad set up, not a lead generation ad campaign?

    We can set up ads promoting paid offers as well, but we only do this when there is a lead generation campaign in place first. If we have set up a lead generation campaign already, then you can purchase another package for us at a discounted rate to help you set up a sales promotion campaign.

    We can also help you with your email marketing, optimising your opt-in nurture sequence to further increase the return on investment from you lead generation campaign, reducing the reliance on Meta Ads to convert your leads to sales. 

    Contact us if you would like more information on our email marketing services. 

    I have an ecommerce product I would like to promote, would this work for me?

    No. This particular Meta Ad Set Up Service is designed for service based businesses that are looking to generate leads. Ecommerce Facebook and Instagram Ad set up is significantly different to lead generation ad set up. If you would like assistance with this, please contact us so we can discuss other options that may be better suitable to your needs. 

    Will I get to work with Loren on this or someone else on the team?

    Loren Bartley leads this service. You will meet with Loren throughout this process and in most cases she will be the main person on the team that you will get to work with. However, where another team member has better skills matched to your requirements, they may be involved either behind the scenes or in some of your meetings. If this is to be the case, it will be discussed with you in advance so that you can have a say in who you are working with. Rest assured, you won’t be palmed off to a junior that isn’t up for the job. We don’t have anyone like that on our team anyway. 

    What if I am still not sure if this is right for me?

    I can understand your reservations, particularly if you’ve been burnt in the past by investing in a course of paying managment fees and didn’t get a positive return on investment. 

    Often courses don’t work as you’re taught a whole load of information and then left to your own devices (or have limited support) to work out how to implement those learnings to your particular circumstances. Or maybe you just didn’t have time to complete the training. With our Mwts Ad Campaign Setup Service this won’t be an issue, as we’ll be doing it together, specific to your business. 

    Paying ongoing management fees sometimes doesn’t work because your sales cycle is too long and you run out of cash before the return on investments starts to show up. By paying for the set up of your campaigns only, you’re significantly saving on your ongoing investment and you’re not presured into high ad spend during periods when your business may not be able to afford it (or need to be advertising). 

    If you’ve tried courses or management in the past and it didn’t work out for you for, then this is most likely the alternative that would be best suited to you. 

    But if you’re still not sure, then contact us to arrange a free 15min no obligation discussion to work out whether or not this would be right for you. We’ll let you know if it isn’t, as we only want to work with those businesses where we’re confident we can get results. 

    Can you guarantee the results I will receive?

    No. Actual results will vary depending on many factors including but not limited to the quality of your offers, your audience targeting, your prior experience and your work ethic. But what we are certain of is that your results will be far better after working with Impactiv8 than if you were to try to do this on your own.

    How does the payment plan work?

    You will be charged in two equal payments of $1300. The first payment will be deducted immediately and the second one a month later. 

    Contact us if you would like to arrange payment via invoice.

    Got questions? 🤷‍♀️

    Not sure if this is right you? Just ask! Contact us and let us know a bit more about your business, your opt-in offer and your previous experiences running Facebook and Instagram Ads and we will be more than happy to discuss whether or not this service is right for you.