Facebook has announced the release of the new Facebook Groups App, adding to their growing suite of mobile apps as they attempt to become more “mobile friendly”.
This new app provides you with direct access to all of the groups that you are either a member of or manage on Facebook.
Of course I couldn’t help myself and downloaded the Facebook Groups App straight away so I could provide you with this new Facebook Groups App review.
I must admit that I was skeptical of the value that yet another Facebook app would provide, but I was pleasantly surprised and this is one that I am sure to use daily.

New Facebook Groups App Review

Firstly, the app is simple in functions and therefore very easy to navigate and use.
When you first open the app, you’ll see all your Facebook Groups in one place. I like the way that the Groups that you use most frequently are at the top.
New Facebook Groups App Review - Groups
Each group has a notification counter that indicates how much new content has been posted to the group since you last visited the group. There is also a separate notifications tab (accessible at the bottom of the app) that allows you to see a list of notifications from across all groups. This allows you to more easily track group notifications.
You can quickly access a Group by tapping on the round Group icon.
New Facebook Groups App Review - Impactiv8 Business Community
Once in the group you can write a post, share photos and interact with posts from others within the group. Clicking on the three dots in the top right hand corner of the cover image displays the group information. If you are the Group Administrator, then you can manage member requests and edit group settings. This is also where you would go if you wish to manage notification settings within a group or leave a group. You can also easily adjust which Group post push notifications you receive from the one place via the Settings tab.
To exit a group, you just click the X symbol in the top left hand corner of the Group’s cover image.
I particularly like the Discover tab, which suggests Groups you might like  based on Pages you’ve liked, groups your friends are in and where you live. They even include the profile pics of the people you already know in the group to help entice you to join. I have already joined a couple of new groups as a result of being prompted to do so via this feature. This has the potential to assist in growing group sizes if you have a Facebook Group set up for your business that is similar to your Page.
New Facebook Groups App Review - Discover
Unlike Facebook’s Messenger App, you are not forced to use the separate Facebook Groups App (at this stage anyway) whenever you wish to visit a group via a mobile device.
You can also easily start a new group by tapping the “Create” button at the top of the main Groups tab within the app.
New Facebook Groups App Review - Create A Group

The Benefits Of Facebook Groups For Business

Facebook Groups can provide another dimension to your business presence on Facebook. I feel so strongly about the importance of Facebook Group as part of your Facebook marketing strategy, that I have dedicated a whole video to “getting the most out of Facebook Groups” as part of the FB Business Success NOW! online training program.
Setting up a Facebook Group for your business can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Increase engagement and allow you to develop deeper relationships with a targeted audience by providing a private/public space to engage
  • Enable a space for communication and/or collaboration as individuals
  • Provide an additional service within your business offerings, e.g.:
    • Member’s only group
    • Networking group
    • Niche-focused group
  • Help with positioning yourself as an authority and person of influence
  • Assist with increasing conversion (i.e. leads and sales)

In my opinion, this new Facebook Groups App has made Facebook Groups even more attractive as a means for connecting with your ideal customers.

Will You Use The New Facebook Groups App?

The new Facebook Groups App is available in all countries for both Android and iOS mobile devices, so you don’t have to wait to try it out.
New Facebook Groups App Review - Download
I manage a Facebook Group that comes as an additional member benefit for those people that sign up to Impactiv8’s online social media training programs. The Facebook Groups App is going to make it much easier when I just want to track activity within that group, without having to wade through all of the other notifications I receive via Facebook.
What do you think of the new Facebook Groups App? Will you be using it for your business? Let me know your thoughts in the comment below.