Facebook first began to roll out Facebook “Offers” in February 2012 as a FREE to create and share product that was initially restricted to Pages categorised as “local/business – retail” that had more than 400 fans.  The good news is that this product is now available to all Pages that have more than 400 fans. 🙂 However, the bad news is that now it is only FREE to try the first time. 🙁

Facebook Offers Help!

But every cloud has a silver lining and along with increasing the number of businesses that can now access this feature, Facebook has also increased the types of products you can provide “Offers” for based on how they can be redeemed, including:

  • Facebook Offers HelpIn Store Only
  • In Store & Online
  • Online Only

This is great news for those that sell products online and will no doubt lead to a higher conversion from claiming an Offer to making a purchase as people will be able to redeem their Offer immediately online, rather than have to wait until they find the time to make it into the store. From my personal experience, I have claimed about ten offers to date, but only actually used one to make a purchase. I probably would’ve purchased all of those Offers had I been able to do so online immediately.  So providing an option to purchase online option is a good thing, as after all it is increasing the number of sales we are after, not the number of people that indicate that they may purchase from you.
The process for setting up an Offer depends on where you wish for the offer to be redeemed.

Redeem Offer In Store

How to redeem a facebook offer, How to use Facebook for BusinessThe process for setting up Offers that are to be redeemed in store hasn’t changed much, you simply:

  • Upload a thumbnail;
  • Write a headline for your Offer (max. 90 characters);
  • Limit the number of Offers people can claim;
  • Wyncity Bowl & Entertainment, How to set up a Facebook Offer,Set an expiry date for your Offer;
  • Enter an optional 12 to 13-digit barcode (new feature) – this will appear in the email people get when they claim your offer;
  • Add terms and conditions; and then
  • Preview the offer prior to publishing

Redeem Offer In Store & Online Or Online Only

The process for setting up Offers that are to be redeemed “in store and online” or “online only” is the same for both:

  • How to redeem Facebook Offers online, Facebook Offers, Facebook for business,Enter the web address where people can get your Offer (the web address you enter is where people will go to get your Offer);
  • Add an optional redemption code (this is the code that people will need to enter when they redeem the Offer from your website, it will be the same for every person who claims your offer and is not intended to be a way to prevent people from redeeming your offer more than once); and then
  • Create the Offer as above

How to redeem a Facebook Offer by email, how to use facebook offers in your business,This option obviously requires you to set up a landing page on your website with the full details of the Offer. You should consider including the following information on your Offers landing page on your website:

  • An engaging image that is relevant to your Offer;
  • A compelling headline for your Offer, with further details as appropriate;
  • A method for limiting the number of Offers people can claim (per person and in total);
  • An expiry date for your Offer;
  • A redemption code that is unique to each Offer (this will assist in measuring the return on investment of various Offers over time); and
  • Terms and conditions of the Offer

Cost Of Facebook Offers

I always thought that FREE Facebook Offers were too good to be true and that it was only a matter of time before Facebook was going to use this product as a revenue source. Well, that time has finally come! Facebook Offers are now effectively another form of Facebook Advertising. If you haven’t used Facebook Offers before, you get to “try-before-you-buy”, as your first campaign is FREE. Facebook’s plan, no doubt, is that once you get a taste of the success Facebook Offers can provide for your business and understand the level of returns this product can offer, then you will be more likely to invest in Facebook Offers in future.
In terms of pricing Facebook states: “Offers require a budget to run. The amount you pay is based on how many people you want to reach. When you’re creating your offer, pick one of the suggested budgets from the dropdown menu, or set a custom budget from the Ads Manager by checking the box next to Promote later using another Facebook Ad tool.”
The pricing is dependent on the number of Fans on your Page and is similar to the price you would pay for Promoted Posts. This can be as low as $5 for Pages with approximately 500 fans. Facebook Offers will now be promoted in a similar fashion to how Promoted Posts are, therefore further increasing the reach of your Offers. This is a good thing and makes the investment more worthwhile as it means that any Offers posted on your Page will be seen in the newsfeed of more of your Fans and Friends of Fans than what a normal Page Post would achieve.
I am sure that small businesses that have been using Offers for FREE for sometime now will not be happy with the change, but if you have been experiencing success via this product, then a simple calculation should determine whether or not the additional cost still provides a worthwhile return for the investment. If so, then you should continue to use them and regularly assess their ongoing effectiveness in achieving your overall business goals.
NOTE: Whilst Facebook states that Pages can access Facebook Offers with 400+ fans, this feature has not become available for several of my clients until they have reached 500 Fans. So if you are between 400-500 fans and don’t have access to Facebook Offers, you should continue to to strive toward 500 Likes to unlock this feature.
What do you think of the new Facebook Offers? Will you be using them for your business?