Impactiv8 Office Location & Parking


Point Cook Town Centre, Entrance C1, 1st Floor
(Coles Precinct) 5 Main Street
Point Cook, VIC 3030

The entrance is on Main Street in the Coles Precinct, opposite ALDI. This is what the entrance looks like from the outside the building.


You need to go through the door in the pic and then head up the stairs (or lift). Turn right at the top of the steps (or out of the lift) and then left along the carpeted hallway. Head all the way along the hallway to the end and you will find Impactiv8 at the end on the right, with our signage on the door.


There is plenty of parking within the Point Cook Town Centre. Street parking is only 1hr and most of the undercover and above ground parking is 3hrs. All day parking can be found around the perimeter of most of the above ground parking areas. Please check signage to ensure you park in a space with adequate parking.

Here’s a map of where to find the closest all day parking and how to get to the office from that parking area. If you can’t find parking in this area, please check one of the other parking areas within the Town Centre.


If you can’t get all day parking, please remember to set a timer and move your car prior to the expiration time, as the parking inspectors patrol the area regularly.