Make sure your offers are outstanding

The quality of what you have to “offer” your audience is the cornerstone to your digital marketing success. Use this framework to create outstanding offers throughout all aspects of your marketing to supercharge your results!

    How the Checklist Can Help

    Your offers aren’t just those things that people pay you for.
    Offers in this context are an exchange of attention, time, personal
    data, money or other valuable assets between you and anyone else online.

    To be successful with your offers, the benefits of what you have to offer must far outweigh any perceived costs – your offer exchanges need to be a “no brainer” for your ideal client.

    Our checklist can help you ensure you are creating Outstanding Offers that will supercharge the results you are able to achieve from your digital marketing.

    Why Optimise Your Offers?


    Increased Profit Potential

    Optimising your offers can significantly boost your revenue potential by attracting more customers and increasing the likelihood of conversion. 


    Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

    Optimised offers ensure that you’re delivering precisely what your customers want. This leads to increased customer satisfaction as they receive products or services that align with their expectations.


    Competitive Advantage

    In a crowded marketplace, businesses that consistently optimise their offers gain a competitive edge. By staying ahead of industry trends, you can outperform competitors and capture a larger share of the market.


    Improved Marketing Efficiency

    Optimised offers allow you to target your marketing efforts more effectively. This leads to reduced marketing costs and improved ROI as you reach the right audience with the right message, resulting in a higher conversion rate and increased profitability.

    What is Included?


    Value Proposition

    Learn how to use copy and visuals to demonstrate the significant value of your offers.


    Social Proof

    Find out the elements of social proof that will supercharge the perceived value of your offer.


    Sense of Urgency

    Discover different ways to generate urgency in your offers to ensure your audience acts fast.


    Risk Reversal

    Get tips for minimising the risk of taking up your offer to encourage action.


    Strong Call to Action

    How to generate the clear next step so that people take action with your offers.


    Ease of Access

    Creating low barriers to entry so that your offers become a “no brainer.

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