Do you feel like something is off with your digital marketing? You are doing all the “things” the gurus tell you that you need to be doing, but the results are not worth all the effort?

Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do for your business when you feel like this is to go back to basics. 

When working on optimising your sales funnel, most people focus on making tweaks to things like the copy and visuals for the landing page, ads and/or emails promoting the offer. But if you don’t have your offer right, this may all be in vain and you may never see the results you want.

There’s an art to the perfect offer – and this is our framework for consistently creating outstanding offers that convert.

What Is An Offer?

I’ll start by telling you what it’s not. It’s not the opt-in you want them to sign up for, or the email you want them to read – it’s not even the product/service you’re selling. Those things are just the THINGS!

Your offer is how you package the THING you use whenever you are engaging in any exchange of attention, time, personal data, money or other valuable assets between you and anyone else.

Put in the simplest terms – your offer is how you frame the things you’re putting in front of your audience in an attempt to get those people to take your desired action.

Your offer is how you communicate the message of “This is what I have, and this is what you need to do in order to get it.”

What Are The Different Types Of Offers?

The type of offers you present should vary based on where your audience is within your sales funnel.

In the Acquisition Stage, when your main focus is on getting people to become aware of your business and acquiring a way to communicate with them beyond their initial exposure point to your business – the offer is usually seeking contact details of some kind – an email, a phone number, a social media follow, etc. 

So whatever you offer here, it needs to be valuable enough for your audience to feel that it is worth providing their personal details for.

In the Nurture Stage, the offer is usually around asking for attention. You may want your audience to watch a video or read an email. This is where hooks are particularly important. As yourself, what do I need to do in the first three seconds of the video to compel them to watch the rest? What is the best subject line for enticing my audience to open this email?

You’re trading their time for the thing you want them to consume, so it needs to hook them early in terms of potential value and continue to engage them through to the end for maximum impact. This is particularly important if you’re trying to educate them or convince them of something that is going to make them more likely to purchase from you. 

In the Monetisation Stage, the offer is centred on the products and services you want your audience to buy. 

To get the best possible ROI, you need your offer to seem like a ‘no-brainer’. That means that the value of what you are selling needs to be perceived to be much greater than the price tag.

Putting it all together – the Outstanding Offers Framework

Once we know the key components that every offer requires to take people from “What’s this?” to “I need this, right now!”, we can make sure our offers have what it takes to convert. 

There are three components to the outstanding offers framework:

  • The Thing – This is whatever you want them to do (i.e. the opt-in, or the product/service).
  • Relevance – Making sure that the people you’re offering “The Thing” to actually want/need it. This includes getting your targeting right, that people understand what is being offered (specificity), that they know why it’s important, and that they have been given a compelling reason to act now. 
  • Transformation – This is what they will get from taking the action. Showing them an undesirable “Before” and a desirable “After” and clearly communicating the benefits on offer are key.

Achieving Your Desired Action

Unfortunately creating an outstanding offer is not enough on it’s own these days. There are some extra steps you need to take to ensure your target audience takes your desired action sooner rather than later.

Here are the additional key elements you need to include that will make your outstanding offer more irresistible in the moment:

    • High perceived valueThe customer needs to see the value, and know they’re getting a great deal
    • Social proof – Knowing that others have had success and you have positive reviews, awards and other forms of social proof is really important. 
    • Sense of urgency – Why now? Whether that’s urgency you can supply (limited number, or limited time) or an external urgency (it’s almost the end of the financial year!), this is what makes people take action sooner rather than later. 
    • Risk reversal – An assurance that you’ll make it right if this doesn’t turn out to suit them. 
    • Strong call to action – What you want them to do, and how to do it.
    • Ease of access – Removing all barriers (i.e. making it as easy as possible to opt-in, purchase, etc).

Which Offer Should You Revise First?

Applying the Outstanding Offers Framework to all of your offers might sound like a big job, so it’s important to understand where you can potentially make the biggest impact and start there.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine where you should focus your efforts initially as you start converting all your offers into outstanding offers:

  • Are you converting people well, but there’s just not enough of them? – If so, start with your aquisition offers to get more people aware of your business.
  • Do you have a lot of people following you on social media or subscribed to your regular emails, but they aren’t engaging in your content? If so, focus on your nurturing offers and hooks.
  • Is your funnel full of people who have opted-in but you’re not getting sales? – If so, start with your monetisation offers.
  • Are you not getting the repeat business you were hoping for? – Start with those offers you have for your current customers to upsell or cross-sell them into other products or services.

It’s amazing the difference that improving your offers can make to all aspects of your digital marketing efforts. So if you feel that your current digital marketing efforts are not providing you with a big enough return on investment, I would encourage you to go back to basics and take a look at how you can make your offers more outstanding.

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