Video Marketing For Your Small Business

Video is a super powerful tactic in your content marketing toolkit when it comes to building brand awareness, getting more traffic to your website and generating sales.

A recent study by wyzowl found that ‘68% of consumers say the pandemic has impacted the amount of video content they’ve watched online, with the overwhelming majority (96%) saying this has increased’. I’m sure we all want a piece of that viewing pie.

That’s all great of course, but HOW? How do you set up to use video across your digital marketing to increase leads and sales? 

We want to make video marketing for your small business as simple as possible. So, we’re sharing the fundamentals to get you set up to start recording and sharing more video across your social media, blogs, emails and more.

Here’s a step by step guide that’s both practical and the best place to start, even if you’ve never created a video for your business before.

Set Up For Success

Like many small business owners, the first question that pops into mind will be ‘what equipment do I need to get started with video marketing?’

There are two types of small business owners. Those who LOVE technology, will pour over Google reviews of products, check lights and camera specifications, and discuss the latest gadgets with their peers. Officeworks, JB Hifi, Kogan and Amazon become their open tabs on their desktop as they decide which new ‘toy’ to buy.  

And there will be those who just want to get started on a budget, and update the technology as they go.

No matter which camp you’re in, the fundamentals are the same: we need to see and hear you as well as possible. 

Below are some of our favourite tools, used by either ourselves or our clients, and some set up ideas to help you get video ready. 


Apart from helping us look our best, using the right lighting helps people trust you (because they can see you). I’m sure you’ve been in meetings or watched videos where you couldn’t see a person well. If you didn’t already know them, there’s a chance at some level you didn’t trust them as much as someone who’s using better lighting. There’s a reason they hide anonymous interviewees’ faces! 

If you’re on a tight budget, then natural light is your best friend. Just make sure you’re facing toward a non-direct natural light source, such as a window (with the blinds up of course) and enjoy how well it lights up your face. 😉

If you have a bit more cash to splash, you can invest in lights like the one pictured below that you can move around your workspace and use at different brightness levels and even different colour settings (warm or cool white light etc) to change the mood, if required.


If you’re starting out, recording something short and sweet for an Instagram Reel for example, just use the built in microphone on your recording device, and check the sound once you’ve recorded. Then you can decide whether or not it needs improvement. It might be just fine.

On the other hand, you might prefer a microphone.

Here are some of the options we’ve used over the years. Some are perfect for recording to your desktop, others are specific to the smart phone you’re using.


Your Smart Phone

With the current trend for raw videos that are created by you and added to social media straight from your phone, it’s great that the cameras on smart phones just keep getting better. If we can see and hear you then you’re almost guaranteed to create something shareworthy.

Most of us use our smartphones or tablets with the ‘front facing’ camera so we can see ourselves on the screen. This has the advantage of being able to check what’s around you that others will see, and test your light, whilst you give recording a go.

Go ‘hands-free by using a tripod for stability, or by propping it up against some books or similar.

Laptop/Desktop Webcam

If you’re going to be livestreaming, using online meeting software regularly, or recording video to your desktop (for example for an online course you’re planning), then a USB Webcam like this Logitech one is your best bet. These high definition cameras are budget friendly, draw in loads of light, and in most cases, are steps ahead of the built- in cameras on our laptop or desktop computers.

We’ve found over the last few years the best way to save your time and energy, and make it easier on yourself, is to get your equipment set up, and leave it set up, or at least follow the same steps each time. 

Other considerations

Part of your set up phase also includes:

  • Will you be recording sitting down or standing? (you might need a tripod)
  • Indoors or outside? (recording outside has lighting and sound issues different to indoors) 
  • Are you focused on a specific platform? (this will have an impact on how long the videos are, what editing they require and what orientation you record in – landscape or portrait)

For example, if you’re an Instagram fanatic, and you’re implementing the tips in our blog all about instagram and video then you’ll use your phone, and might want to have a selfie stick/tripod, and the Mic we mentioned above. That little kit then becomes your go-to every time so you don’t have to think about the equipment.

Now it’s time to test it out.

Putting it all together

Now that you have your equipment ready to go, you’ll want to test out your setup. Here are some examples of how you might set your equipment up to record your videos or go live on your chosen platforms.

Now it’s your turn

Unless you’re someone who loves technology, and we’re likely to find you researching and buying new gadgets (which is a hobby in itself right?), you’ll only have to get this set up once. Then you can go ahead and enjoy creating videos for your social media, blogs, YouTube and your email newsletters. 

Try out different lengths and styles of video and see what feels right for you. The aim is to make it easy on yourself so you won’t procrastinate. So don’t delay! The sooner you get started the sooner your target audience will get to know like and trust you.

In the Click Engage Convert Academy one of the digital marketing monthly themes is video. We focus on helping our members get video ready, and how to create and post videos. As always this is with the support of the Impactiv8 team of digital marketing experts. Are you ready to have the power of a digital agency at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost? Go ahead and check it out here, we’d love to help you grow your business with digital marketing.