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personal training facebook pagesWatch below a Facebook Page Video Audit for Origin Fitness Facebook Page as part of Facebook Business Success.
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Using Origin Fitness Facebook Page as an example of Personal Training Facebook Pages, in this video you will learn:

  • Ways to make it obvious that people have come to the right place when they visit your Personal Training Facebook Page;
  • Increase the functions your Facebook Page can perform by including Facebook Apps;
  • Customising Facebook App Tabs and titles;
  • Optimal image sizes for Facebook;
  • Using Facebook Apps for lead generation;
  • The benefits of like-gating Facebook Apps;
  • How to “invite friends” to Like a Facebook Page even if you aren’t the Admin of a Facebook Page;
  • How to bury “beneath the fold”, move or remove/uninstall Facebook Apps that are not being used;
  • The “graph search” benefits of including tags on your Facebook Page;
  • How to add or remove featured Page Admins of features Pages on your Facebook Page;
  • The importance of telling a story on your “About” page, including outlining your audience, what you stand for, what you are against, how you can help your clients and what the benefits are for Liking your Facebook Page;
  • What to do when you have a landscape or portrait image that gets cropped off within the square proportions of the profile picture on your Facebook Page;
  • Why you shouldn’t try to do too much in a single Facebook Post;
  • The importance of engagement;
  • Use of highly used hashtags to increase reach;
  • Creating and promoting your own hashtags to group conversations around topics specific to your business;
  • Branding images so your business is still evident when your images are shared (or “lifted”) from your Facebook Page;
  • Example of converting fans into customers through the use of an on-line booking system;
  • Gaining permission and protecting the privacy of your Personal Training clients;
  • Strategies for making use of Facebook “Recommendations”;
  • Strategies for getting more people to Like your Page (on-line and off-line); and
  • The importance of selecting a URL that reflects your business name and then promoting that URL to get more fans

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