Happy New Decade!!!

When it comes to digital marketing, the last decade saw so many changes. In 2010, most businesses hadn’t even heard of Facebook. Since then loads of social media platforms have come and gone, with their success or failure hinging on whether or not they were able to achieve mass adoption. 

The platforms that succeeded were the ones that managed to become an integral part of the way people go about their daily lives and communicate with their friends, family and the businesses that are important to them. 

There is no disputing that Facebook is still winning in this game. 

And when I say Facebook, I don’t just mean Facebook. I mean Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Groups, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Ads, Instagram, WhatsApp and the full suite of products that make up the Facebook ecosystem. 

This is an important point. 

Because most businesses aren’t looking at the bigger picture and their digital marketing strategy is still stuck in circa 2015, when posting to your Facebook Page was a great way to spread the word about your business.

Times have changed. People have changed. Effective Digital Marketing strategies have changed. 

But some things haven’t changed….

Like always, if you want to achieve success online, then you have to be present where your customers and potential customers are hanging out and be ready to have conversations that will move them closer to the point of conversion. 

In terms of where they are hanging out, based on current growth trends, 2020 is projected to be the first year that the number of private messaging mobile app users (including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram Direct Messages) will be more than social media users. 

Not only are people using these channels to communicate with friends and family, but platforms such as Facebook Messenger are also quickly becoming their preferred channel for communicating with businesses as well. 

That means you need to be ready to respond quickly when someone messages your business. This is really important because 44% of people won’t hire service providers who are slow to follow up.

Are you ready to have conversations via your customer’s preferred channels?

Fortunately there are now tools available that allow you to respond immediately to messages, which can help you manage expectations, answer frequently asked questions and assist in generating leads for your business, without the need for your involvement. 

These tools are often referred to as Chatbots and it’s actually not that hard to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot and in turn become super responsive to Facebook messages, whilst at the same time saving you time and generating leads and sales for your business on auto-pilot.

But knowing where to start is often an issue and that’s why I have partnered with Facebook Messenger Marketing specialist, Dan Pinne (or as I like to call him, Dan Dan the Chatbot Man) to put together a free online training session on the “3 Chatbots That Will Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage In 2020 And Beyond”.

In this free 30min online training session you will learn: 

  • What a Messenger Chatbot ACTUALLY is
  • Why you should be integrating Messenger Marketing into your business
  • The 3 chatbots that will provide the biggest impact for your business, including what they are, how they work and why you need them

If you have ever messaged a business on Facebook and wondered how they managed to respond to you so quickly or how they were able to provide you with a list of options to choose from, then you will love this training. 

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This training is for YOU if you want to discover how you can integrate Facebook Messenger Marketing into your digital marketing strategy this year and reap the rewards.

We really value your time. Because of this, we have pre-recorded this free training, jam packed it with 30mins of value (not waffle) and made it available for you to watch when it suits you best. Sign Up Now and learn more about how easy it can be for your business to start reaping the rewards that Facebook Messenger Marketing can provide.