Repurposing one video at least ten ways

We told you about loads of places to post video on the major platforms (37 of them to be exact), but repurposing is about more than just posting the same video on a different platform. It’s having one idea and being able to use it in multiple places, in different formats, and use it potentially for different audiences.

Using one video in multiple ways appeals to a wider audience, as some people are more visual and would prefer images and short captions than watching a video. Others like to read a blog or article.

Let’s start with a video Loren recorded way back in 2020 during the stage 4 restrictions at that time.

The Original Video

This video was recorded back in August 2020, in Melbourne, where Loren (founder and CEO of Impactiv8) was working from home, and not in her usual place at Business Addicts Coworking

This video was part value, part inspiration, and part promotion of the Click Engage Convert Academy (Impactiv8’s membership for small business owners doing their own digital marketing).

Here’s the original video, uploaded to the Impactiv8 facebook page on 11th August 2020.

The core message of not procrastinating, and getting ready to create videos even when circumstances change is still totally relevant today.

Repurposing That Video 

So here’s how we can repurpose that one video:

  1. Repost to the facebook page using the repost function. Click the three dots under the video and choose ‘view insights’, then choose ‘create post with video’.

create another post with a video on facebook







(NB: There’s always more than one way to do things, but this one was the quickest)

2.  Transcribe the video and use it for a short blog about ‘the show must go on’

We do this in Searchie (a paid product, but has a free trial and is totally worth it if you want to repurpose your videos). You upload the video, then edit the transcriptions, and copy and paste them to a document you can edit to become a blog for your website.

searchie trasncription editing window

3. Take the topic of ‘the show must go on’ and write a short post with an image (wording taken from the transcription where possible).

Here’s an example post:

‘This time last year I was saying ‘the show must go on’ and although I still believe that to be true, I’d add something else to it now. In the more than 12 months since I posted this video, many business owners have become totally COVID-fatigued (an understatement for most). We’ve kept the show going all this time, and for many that statement is like a red rag to a battle weary bull.

So let me rephrase it.

The show must go on, so long as you are taking care of your health and wellbeing as a priority. Without you there is no show. 

So please take care of yourself:

  • Ring and speak to a friend while you’re walking
  • Do something in your home just for fun – painting, sitting and reading a great book, play a game with the kids that’s got nothing to do with school
  • Have an 80’s dance party for 15 mins before your day starts, and throw one in at lunch time

You can then add an image you like/is relevant and voila! Another post from your video.

4. Ask a question in stories (Facebook and Instagram), or in a post.

  • The show must go on – do you agree yes or no?
  • What do you do when you just know the show must go on? 
  • What does ‘the show must go on’ mean to you?

5. Add the video to IGTV with a caption that sends them to the landing page for Click Engage Convert Academy that’s mentioned in the video. For example:

Now more than ever small business owners need someone in their corner, giving them the advice and support they need to have a strong online business, without the usual agency fees. We are currently running a special offer for the CECA for just $1 per month! All that content I was creating when I did this video last August is in there waiting for you…’

6. Find a funny gif that relates to the topic and add it to a post with a caption on Facebook and Instagram


7. Ask your team members or clients to send you a short video answering the question ‘what does the “show must go on” mean to you?’ and edit it together like a vox pop video style.

8. You could also add each answer to ‘what does the “show must go on” mean to you?’ as separate snippets for shorter Reels videos on Instagram

9. Go back to the blog you edited with the video, and use the subheadings you added (to improve readability) as titles for mini posts on the same topic

10. Brainstorm all the ideas and questions that come up when I say ‘the show must go on’ and create posts about each one, or find images that relate and add them to Instagram

Your Turn

It’s so important as a small business owner that you make the most of the time and energy you invest in your content marketing. So using any video footage more than one way is paramount to getting a better return on that investment.

Go ahead and find a video you already have, maybe you’ve posted it once on your Facebook page, or have it on your website. Choose from the list above and repurpose it!

We focus on all aspects of digital marketing for small business owners in the Click Engage Convert Academy. We held a Success Sprint with our Converters and the members who attended created 25 videos (and therefore potentially 250 posts!) in just one day. If you’d like to know more about how you can have the power of an agency for a fraction of the cost, you can find out more about Click Engage Convert here:

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