Where to download Facebook Pages Manager, iTunes, iPhone, Facebook, Facebook for business, How to use Facebook for business, Facebook has FINALLY released Facebook Pages Manager, an app that allows you to access and update up to 50 Facebook Pages that you manage on-the-go. Pages Manager helps Page Administrators connect with their audience and keep up with activity on multiple Pages, all in one place. It only appears to be available for iPhone at present, with no iPad or Android app to be found in the searches I have conducted so far, although you can install the iPhone version on the iPad.
This app will make it much easier for Page administrators to separate personal accounts from Pages, enabling them post updates (as their Page), get notifications about new activity on the Pages they manage and respond in a more timely manner from wherever they are. Personally, I have been waiting for an app like this for years!

manage your Facebook Pages from your mobile thanks to the facebook pages app, Impactiv8Features

Features include the ability to:

  • Post new updates and photos as your Page
  • Accept push notifications so that you can get notified about new activity on your Page when it happens, no matter where you are
  • Respond, post and comment as your Page while you’re on-the-go
  • Manage all your Facebook Pages (up to 50 Pages) from one app
  • View your latest Page Insights
  • View page administrators

Just install Facebook Pages Manager and then log in using Facebook to quickly access and manage all of your Pages from wherever you are.
How to post updates from your Page using the Facebook Pages Manager,

Post Updates As your Page

This is by far the best and most useful feature of this app and no doubt the number one reason why the app was created. I am just surprised that it has taken so long. Page Administrators can now post updates and respond to comments as their Page from the luxury of their mobile device. It is limited to posting photos and status updates only, so you can’t add an event, milestone or question (at this stage, who knows what may follow in future updates).
I like the fact that you can “Like” people’s comments on your Posts as your Page and being able to delete posts or comments by swiping your finger across the post or comment to remove it is also a great feature.  You are also presented with the option of banning a user when deleting an individual comment on your Page.  This is a great feature should you have someone out of control on your Page, as you now have the power to put a stop to it immediately (lets hope you don’t have to use that option too often).


You access notifications in a similar manner to how you do this on a desktop or your personal Facebook app.  Just click on the globe in the blue banner at the top of the screen when on your Page to see a drop down of recent activity on your Page.  A red number notification will appear at the top of the globe icon when there is new activity on your Page.


You can see the most recent people that have liked your Page via the people icon in the blue banner at the top of the screen when on your Page.  It appears to display the 20 most recent people that have liked your Page.  There is no ability to see a full list of people that Like your Page.


You can filter the posts you see on your Page to see:

  • Everyone’s Posts
  • Only Your Page’s Posts
  • Hidden Posts

Page Insights

How to use the Facebook Pages Manger to check your insights
Page Insights are limited to stating the number of:

  • Total Likes
  • People Talking About Your Page
  • Weekly Total Reach

They also provide a percentage increase/decrease figure for People Talking About This and Weekly Total Reach, as well as a Trends Chart, which provides an overview of how your People Talking About This and Weekly Total Reach is tracking.  The trends chart appears to be a couple of days behind, but the other insights are current, as per the full Facebook version. The level of insights provided are more than sufficient for what you should need when on-the-go.

Choose your privacy settings and viability using the Facebook Pages Manager App Post Visibility

Interestingly it asks you when you log in “Who can see posts from this app on Facebook?”, with the options being Public, Friends and Only Me. The default is set to Friend, which seems a little bizarre. Surely you would need this setting to be Public for all your Page Fans to see the update?

Page Administrators

Whilst you can view the Page Administrators on each of your Pages, you cannot people.  This is probably a good thing for security reasons.


How to log in to your Facebook Pages Manager App
There is also the ability to Log Out when you are not using the app, which I highly recommend for the security of the Pages that you manage. However, if you are already logged into one of Facebook’s other apps, such as Facebook or Messenger, then it logs you straight back in when you open the Facebook Page Messenger app, so if you don’t usually log out of those other apps because you are less concerned about the security of your personal accounts, then you might need to start doing so for the sake of the security of your Business Pages.  This could be a big concern for businesses with multiple admins as whilst you may be taking these precautions, what are the other staff that have admin access to you Business Page Facebook account doing? Time to update your procedures and do some training to ensure they are all aware of this potential security issue and taking steps to protect your businesses Facebook Page.

Help Centre

If you have any questions on how to use the features of this app, then there is a really basic Help Centre included to assist you with this.

What’s Else Is Missing?


There is a distinct lack of a newsfeed in this version of the app.  This is disappointing for those that like to consume their business news via their Page newsfeed, as you still can’t do this from a mobile device. I would like to see this included in future updates, along with the ability to share news from your Page newsfeed as your Page. Sharing is an important strategy to Facebook success for businesses, but like the Facebook app that we are all familiar wits, this app has also overlooked the ability to share altogether.


I have the message function turned on for all of the Pages that I manage and I find people are using this feature on a daily basis. Iwould like to have the ability to receive and send messages as my Page when on-the-go. Lets hope this is included in a future update.

Cover Image

There is no cover image for your Page, but as this is an admin tool that only you have access to as Page administrator, it is not really a necessary feature.

Facebook Apps/Tabs/Views

Facebook apps for Pages are nowhere to be seen in this app, but again as this app is a tool for Page administrators I can’t see the need for this feature as part of this app.
So what do you think about this new Facebook Pages Manager app? Are there any other features you would like to see in future updates? Let me know in the comments below.