How To Generate An Outstanding Return On Your Facebook Ads

During this training you’ll learn the strategies we used to generate a 700% return on investment for a client using Facebook Ads and how YOU can use these insights to achieve similar results for YOUR business.


During This Training You’ll Learn:

  • The critical elements required to create successful Facebook Ads campaigns
  • The different types of Ads you should be using to maximise your results
  • How to structure your audience targeting for greatest impact
  • Simple tools you can use to create Facebook Ads and measure success
  • How to fast track your success with Facebook Ads

Meet Your Trainers

Loren Bartley
Digital Marketing Strategist

Luke James
Facebook Ads Expert

Liz Wallace
Copywriting & Website Optimisation Expert

Jay Majzoub
Lead Generation & Data Analysis Expert

About Impactiv8

Impactiv8 is an award-winning digital marketing agency with of a team of expert digital marketers, with dedicated specialists in the areas of Facebook Advertising, Website Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Messenger Marketing, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Video Production and Digital Marketing Automation.

The team at Impactiv8 help small businesses get the best possible return on their Facebook Ads by optimising their digital marketing funnel so that they don’t waste their money, and can increase the profitability of their business. We achieve this through our done for you services and the Click Engage Convert Academy..  


Results & Testimonials 

“It’s been such a great thing to work together over the many launches to refine my email sequences, my Facebook Ads, the copy on my sales page, adding little details like pop-ups and the Facebook messenger quiz and constantly tweaking and learning from the data, and the results are in – it really does work.”

Julia Jones

Newborn Mothers

“I have gained the knowledge and confidence to build and run Facebook ad campaigns and most importantly to measure and understand what works, and what parts of my overall digital marketing strategy need improvements.”
Kristy-Lee Billett

The Footprint Group

“Impactiv8 has influenced our business transformation over the past 4 years. As a group of experts in our own field, we needed the guidance and support offered by the team at Impactiv8. From strategy discussions to implementation of successful online membership programs, we couldn’t have done it all without them.”
Gary Barclay

Gold Class Swimming

If you’re looking for best practice digital marketing training, that comes with practical tools to help you take action in your business, as well as a community that is there to cheer you on and build your confidence every step of the way, then look no further.

Amey Lee

Heart Content

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