The Challenge

Are you a service business that has run ads before, but they didn’t perform well because you didn’t really know what you were doing?

Do you want to set up a Facebook Ads lead generation campaign without having to learn how to do it all yourself or pay ongoing management fees?

Do you want to maintain control over your Facebook Ads, but the thought of trying to set up Facebook Ads without expert guidance sounds like a great way to waste a whole lot of time and money? 

That’s exactly how Andy from felt until they worked with Impactiv8 and we were able to achieve the following results for them.

About provides online physique coaching services that help entrepreneurs and executives radically transform their bodies in ways they never imagined possible, without supplements, fad diets, or letting the process dominate your life. Their ideal clients are men aged 35-55 years, living in the United States.

Over the past decade,, led by Head Coach Andy Morgan, has helped more than 2,000 men achieve their physique goals through their online coaching services.

In addition to this, has been serving the wider community through various free education resources and bite sized video tips, which are shared via social media to their audience of over 40k on the Andy_Rippedbody Instagram Account and 10k on the Andy Morgan Facebook Page. In the last 12 months alone, has had 566,318 unique website visitors.

The two free main resources that are used to build’s email subscriber list are a Nutrition Setup Guide, which is a free book and 7-lesson email course on mastering nutrition setup, and Free Training Programs, which includes 7 customisable weight training programs for all ability levels. More than 100,000 people have downloaded these resources since they were first published.

Facebook Ad Opt-in

Whilst Andy is consistently posting high value content to social media and regularly promoting these opt-in resources as part of his content plan, a large portion of his audience are still yet to opt-in for at least one of these resources.

This is a huge missed opportunity, as both of these resources include a nurture sequence that has proven successful in converting subscribers into clients. Andy was confident that if he could just get more people to opt-in for these resources, then he would be able to get more clients.

This prompted him to approach Impactiv8 to get help retargeting his website traffic and engaged social media following with enticing content, compelling them to opt-in for these resources, using the power of Facebook Ads.

Why Andy Chose To Work With Impactiv8

Andy chose to work with Impactiv8 as a result of a recommendation from one of Impactiv8’s former Ads Management clients. However, he wanted an evergreen lead generation campaign. One that could be set up and left running over time, and he was prepared to learn what was required to monitor and optimise the campaign over time so that he didn’t have to pay for ongoing Ads Management services.

This is a smart approach, as when you add Ad Management fees on top of ad spend, your overall return on investment for those ads goes down. Learning how to do the active management component can add up to significant savings in the long term.

Andy also needed help with his ad creative, optimising his landing pages and setting up the ads within Facebook Ads Manager, to help ensure he got the best possible return on investment for his ads.

What Andy wanted was to learn how to set up and manage his own Facebook Ads, but he didn’t want to do that via a course.

“I knew that I had something that would really work as an ad, but as a smallish business, I wasn’t ready to jump into the big financial commitment of getting an agency to set up and manage my ads for me. I also value my independence, and wanted to set up my own ads, but I wasn’t confident enough because I didn’t know what I was doing.

I also didn’t want to buy a course on how to do it, because often when you buy courses, you get stuck on some stupid technical thing because a menu item has disappeared or it’s changed or something, and you just give up. You also don’t get personalised support, so you have to try to apply what they teach to your business, without specific feedback on what you’ve actually created.

Having the option to be able to work on this together was perfect for me. Plus, I was accountable to you, and I actually had to get the work done on a deadline. That meant that it actually got done!”

~ Andy Morgan

Facebook Ad Campaign Setup Service

Impactiv8’s Facebook Ad Campaign Setup Service is a done-with-you approach to Facebook Ads creation, setup and management, making it the ideal solution for Andy to be able to achieve this.

This service has been designed specifically for service based businesses who want to benefit from the power of Facebook Ads, but don’t want to pay for someone else to take it completely off their hands, nor spend forever learning every aspect of how to create Facebook Ads themselves.

They are prepared to invest in fast-tracking the learning and setup, specific to their needs, getting expert support and guidance every step of the way. It’s for the tech-literate entrepreneurs who want to be actively involved in the process and are keen to keep a direct eye on the performance of their ad over time.

This was exactly what Andy was after.

Andy decided to work with Impactiv8 to create Facebook Ads for the Nutrition Setup Guide opt-in in the first instance. Then he would make a judgement call once that campaign had been set up and running as to whether or not he wanted to invest in a second Facebook Ad Campaign for the Free Training Programs opt-in.

What We Did To Achieve Andy’s Objectives And Why

We communicated via shared documents, shared folders, emails and meetings, providing Andy with feedback on the videos and images he created, along with the changes he made to the landing page based on our advice. Impactiv8 created the copy for each of the ads, which Andy revised and approved prior to use.

Collaboration and Shared Resources

To kick things off we shared with Andy a Meta Ads Campaign Setup document that provided a full overview of what was involved in the process of creating the ad campaigns, pre-populated from what was already known from our initial discussions prior to Andy committing to work together with Impactiv8 on this.

Any information that Andy was required to contribute was highlighted, along with instructions, making it easy for him to understand what he needed to provide. This included things like the landing page and thank you page URLs for the opt-in resource.

The document provided details of how Impactiv8 would be setting up the Ad Campaign:

  • Objective
  • Budget
  • Audience targeting
  • Ad creative requirements (e.g. image and video dimensions and length)
  • Ad creative examples to emulate
  • Placements

At the bottom of the document was a space for the collaboration on the ad creative for the four different ads we would be creating within the campaign.

This was accompanied by a second working Copy Bank document that was used to flesh out the copy to be used in the ads and video resources that Andy was to create, specifically for these ads. Once Andy created the videos, he shared them with us via our shared Google Drive for further feedback.

The Meta Ads Campaign Setup document included a link to provide Impactiv8 with access to’s Meta Ada Account. Usually this process requires a couple of clicks to complete, however there were some issues with Andy’s ads account, so we met online to step him through setting up a new Ads Account, something he would’ve struggled to achieve without support.

Landing Page Optimisation

A landing page template was also provided to assist Andy in optimising the existing landing page for this resource to improve the opt-in conversion rate and therefore the cost per results for his ads. Once Andy implemented those recommendations, we provided further recommendations until both parties were satisfied with the final result.

“Right from the start it was obvious that you had a system that worked. You had a checklist of things that needed to be done and an order of priority. What was great was that you were not just looking at the ads. You looked at where I was potentially losing out earlier in the funnel and it became clear that my opt-in page needed a LOT of work.

You were able to use your expertise and apply your formula of how you know landing pages work and say, ‘This bit is good, but let’s do this, then this, then this, then this, and then it will be even better.’ You asked the questions I hadn’t thought to ask myself, which I really appreciated. But it was the fact that you really cared that really made you stand out.”

~ Andy Morgan

Understanding Ad Compliance Requirements

Given that operates in the Fitness Industry, which is renowned for breaching Meta’s Advertising Standards (and Andy had run into some issues with this in the past), we also shared with Andy the relevant Advertising Standards that he needed to be aware of to prevent ad disapproval or account suspension.

Facebook Ad Compliance - Fitness Industry
Facebook Ad Compliance - Fitness Industry
Facebook Ad Compliance - Fitness Industry
Facebook Ad Compliance - Fitness Industry

“A few years ago I played around boosting posts here and there, but I didn’t know what I was doing. I also didn’t understand how to track the effectiveness of what I was doing. I loved the concept of Facebook Ads and their ability to get supremely dialled in when it comes to targeting, but I didn’t know how to take advantage of it. And quite frankly, I found it daunting.

This fear was further validated when my ads account got shut down for violating ad policies by using ‘before and after’ pictures in my ads. So then I did nothing for years. I hate to think how much money I lost as a result of my inaction for all that time.”

~ Andy Morgan

Ad Creative Creation Made Easy

Ad creative is a critical component of any Facebook Ads campaign. It’s the first point of engagement with your audience and can greatly influence the campaign’s success. Effective creatives capture attention, convey the brand’s message clearly, and resonate emotionally with the audience, thereby increasing the likelihood of them taking your desired action.

Improving ad creative leads to higher click-through rates, higher conversion rates and lower cost per result. We worked together to ensure that the ad creative was visually appealing, aligned with the target audience’s interests, and consistent with’s brand identity to help foster brand recognition and trust.

We also created multiple ad creative variations to test which elements would work best, so that more strategic data-driven decisions could be made for any future ad campaigns created. In addition to this, video creative was uploaded in both square and portrait formats to best suit the various placements in which this creative was being used.

7 Progress Killing Mistakes Video

One Big Mistake Video

Facebook Ad Image Set Up

Andy Image

Facebook Ad Image Set Up

Nutrition Guide Image

“The interesting thing to me was that I already had a lot of the pieces, so we weren’t starting from scratch. I had already made videos, I had already created images and I had an opt-in page, but I wasn’t leveraging them in the right way. 

You told me exactly what we needed, ‘four ads, two videos and two images’. You guided me through developing the script for the videos. You even drafted the copy. You didn’t make the videos for me. I had to do that. But that was fine, because that’s something that I’m used to doing and it had to be me. But you made it so easy for me.”

~ Andy Morgan

Facebook Ad Campaign Set Up

Once the ad creative was confirmed, the landing page was optimised and tagging was established within his CRM to be able to track which subscribers eventually go on to become clients, we got to work setting up the ad campaigns within Andy’s new Ads Account.

Effective Audience Targeting

Our campaign set up included setting up audiences for the ads retargeting his current audience, as well as finding other people who would be his ideal customers that weren’t previously exposed to his brand. We also uploaded the videos and images in various formats to ensure they were optimised for each placement.

Monitoring Facebook Ad Campaign Performance

Once the ads had been live for a couple of days, we met online again to step Andy through the Ad Campaign structure and help him create his own customised view of the key metrics that he needed to monitor, relevant to his campaign objective.

“Once the ads were set up you took me through what I have to say is a fairly baffling Meta Ads analytics setup. You showed me how to set up a view that allows me to see the most important metrics that I needed to monitor and explained what is good and bad. What was great is that I was able to record the Zoom call, so now I can go back and watch that recording again whenever I need to check my results.”

~ Andy Morgan

We then monitored the ad performance for a period of 2 weeks, providing bi-weekly feedback on results. This would usually include Impactiv8 optimising the campaigns themselves and/or providing suggested changes to improve those results, such as adjustments to the ad creative, targeting, landing page or other elements of the campaign. But the ads were performing well and improving each time we checked in on performance, so there was no need to make any adjustments.

This was a testament to the time we had spent together prior to the ads going live, making sure that we were creating the best possible chance of campaign success.

In our final session together we provided Andy some additional insights on how to monitor his ad performance, optimise the ads moving forward and turn them on and off as required over time. This gave Andy the confidence to be able to adjust the ads as necessary (now that our two weeks management period that was included in this service had concluded).

Learn The Essentials

Throughout this entire process we helped Andy learn the essentials of Facebook Advertising to empower him to be able to:

  • Understand the Facebook Ad campaign structure and platform interface
  • Monitor ad performance key metrics
  • Confidently optimise and adjust ads over time

The Exceptional Results We Achieved

By the end of Impactiv8’s two week monitoring period, the average cost per result across all four ad creatives was $2.98 per opt-in.

Facebook Ad Set Up - 7 day campaign results

The individual ad creative cost per results were ranging between $2.85 and $3.49 for individual ad creatives.

Facebook Ad Set Up - 7 day ad results

Facebook’s ad algorithm was favouring the two ads that were getting the best return on ad spend, directing larger budgets towards them, as would be expected. Andy did question if we should turn off the two poorer performing ad creative, but it was explained to him that those ads provided another touch point to his audience that isn’t just showing them the same ad over and over again.

In addition to this, the performance of those ads was actually improving, they were just being limited by the amount of ad spend being allocated to them by Facebook based on their early results. Because of the low reach and ad spend, the cost per result kept swinging considerably on a day-by-day basis based as conversions came in. This started to level out over time as more money was spent on the ads, bringing the cost per result much closer to the higher performing ad creative. This was able to be seen by looking at the results for the past few days, rather than the lifetime cost per result for the ads. When doing so, the ad with the second highest overall cost per result actually had the lowest cost per result for that period, at $0.55 per opt-in.

Facebook Ad Set Up - 7 mistakes results

This is an important point, as too often we jump to early conclusions and make changes prior to sufficient data being available to be able to make informed decisions on the long term success of individual ads. Plus, it’s important to understand the value of sharing multiple creatives for the one offer, which is why we include four ads (two videos and two images) as part of our Facebook Ad Campaign Set Up Service.

“I asked if we should switch off one of our ads after a few days, as it looked like it was costing a lot more per result than the others. You told me not to and explained that it hadn’t actually spent much money yet, saying that we should ‘wait and see’. If I’d have been left on my own for that decision I’d have panicked and switched that one off. Luckily we didn’t as it turned out to be the best one.

~ Andy Morgan

Exactly 425 subscribers were generated from $1,267.94 ad spend during this period. The average outbound click through rate was 2.33%, indicating that the creative was doing a great job enticing the audience to click through for the offer.

Frequency was sitting between 1.4 to 1.87 per individual ad creative, with an overall frequency of at 2.15, indicating that the audience was far from exhausted, which means that Andy should be able to keep these ads running for quite some time without having to make adjustments to the creative or find new audiences.

Perhaps the most encouraging part of this particular campaign is that the results keep improving on a daily basis. Whilst the average cost per result was $2.98 per opt-in by the end of the two week management period, the average cost per result for the past three days was actually $2.35, indicating that the overall lifetime average cost per result is likely to continue to improve over time.

Facebook Ad Set Up - 3 day campaign results

As there is usually a long cycle between opt-in and sale, it’s too early to determine the overall return on investment for this ad campaign after just two weeks.

Andy was not aware of his current conversion rate from his opt-ins, but he does know that it usually takes on average about 6 months for one of’s subscribers to become a client. Once they convert, the average lifetime value of a client is approximately $5,500, with a high profit margin. Therefore, Andy was prepared to invest further in this advertising campaign beyond the initial two week testing period, knowing that the full results won’t be evident for some months yet.

On hearing the average conversion time frame, we provided further advice on how he could speed up this process via his email nurture sequence, which Andy is currently implementing.

“Ads aren’t rocket science, but they are complicated. Oftentimes, when I have hired people for help in the past, their explanations have left me feeling more confused than when I started. With Loren, it is different. She always takes the time to explain things in a way I can understand. And because she does so, I leave every interaction feeling empowered.

~ Andy Morgan

Next Steps

Even though the full results aren’t in yet, Andy was so impressed with the cost per lead he was receiving and how easy we made the process that he has decided to get started on the second opt-in campaign already, promoting his Free Training Programs.

Setting up the second campaign is likely to further assist his results, as it will provide yet another touch point, as well as a different angle to hook his ideal customers to encourage them to subscribe. If the currently worst performing ad creative (Guide Image) hasn’t improved by then, we will turn that creative off, as the audience will be seeing fresh creative through the new ads, so we won’t need this additional touch point.

The additional ad campaign will also provide Andy with data around which opt-in offer converts better, so that he can know where to best channel his resources for the best results.

“Even though I feel fairly confident that I could set up another ad campaign myself now, I’m actually hiring you again to do exactly the same for my other free opt-in, because I really valued your expertise in reviewing what I have done. I want to do what I’ve learnt with you again, with you watching over my shoulder and telling me if I’m making any mistakes. Then I feel like I will really have my independence, and that’s very appealing to me.

~ Andy Morgan

How You Can Achieve Similar Results

Do you have a high quality opt-in or sales offer that converts well, but just needs more traffic, just like did?

Would you like access to a digital marketing expert to review what you’ve already created and provide optimisation advice so that it performs even better?

Would you also like assistance in setting up your ad campaigns and guidance on what you need to do to manage those ads for yourself over time?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, then Impactiv8’s Facebook Ad Campaign Set Up Service will set you on the path to improve the results that you are getting from your Facebook Advertising.

Of course, actual results will vary depending on many factors including but not limited to the quality of your offers, your audience targeting, your prior experience and your work ethic. We’re not implying you’ll be able to duplicate these results exactly. We’re sharing these results as an example of what might be possible. Your results might not be as good as this example, or they might even be better!

What we are certain of is that your results will be far better after working with Impactiv8 than if you were to try to do this on your own.

“If I’d have been left to my own devices, I wouldn’t have done it. It’d have been too difficult, and the cost would have been never having gotten it done.

~ Andy Morgan


Would you like to improve your return on investment for your Facebook Ads?

Our Facebook Ad Campaign Setup Service will help you optimise your landing page, creative and Ad Campaign setup to ensure you get the best possible return on investment for your Facebook Ads.