Video is going nuts on social media these days, particularly Facebook. So to assist you in creating more video for sharing on social media, I have compiled a list of my favourite simple to use video creation tools.
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Here they are (in no particular order)…


You can’t get a more simple to use video creation tool than Riple. This tool is like Canva, with animated results!
Ripl allows you to turn your images into animated videos. You can also add text to your animated images to make quote animations, which are pretty cool. These videos make the more traditional image quotes that everyone else is doing look boring by comparison.
Ripl is a freemium iPhone app that includes the Riple watermark at the bottom right of your animated videos, unless you upgrade to their US$9.99 a month paid version, which unlocks some additional features also.
Here’s an example of Ripl in action that comprises of some of the happy snaps I took at We Are Podcast:

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is available for both the iPhone and desktop, allowing you to create videos using either their templates or from scratch.
You upload your images and put together your video in a similar fashion to how you would create a PowerPoint presentation. Next you pick a theme and your music and then you let Adobe Spark to the rest!
The pre-configured templates prompt you to tell your story under the prompts of:

  • Promote an idea
  • Tell what happened
  • A hero’s journey
  • Show and tell
  • Personal growth
  • Teach a lesson
  • An invitation, or
  • Make your own up!

Here’s an example of Adobe Spark in action that showcases some of the amazing connections and friends I got to hang out with at Social Media Marketing World in 2016:


Shakr allows you to choose from hundreds of video designs by top motion graphic artists from around the world to make your own professional looking videos.
You simply choose a video design you like, drag-and-drop your photos and video clips into the video design and then change the text fields to suit your descriptions and call-to-actions.
The final videos are very professional, making this a great tool for showcasing your business, products or services.
Here’s an example of Shakr in action that I created to showcases some of the presentations I have given of late:


iMovie is an Apple product, available for both iOS devices, as either an app or program that allows you to create movies and Hollywood-style trailers.
iMovie is so easy to use, that I got my 12 year old son to take a video that I had already produced (in iMovie) and add subtitles to it.
Here’s an example of iMovie in action when I created a video explaining how to leave a review for #BusinesssAddicts The Podcast on iTunes (my son did the subtitles, so apologies for the typos – should’ve proofread better – doh!):


I use Screenflow to create all of my instructional videos for my online training programs and any other quick instructional pieces I wish to share with my audience.
With ScreenFlow you can record any part of your monitor, whilst also capturing your video camera, iOS device, microphone, multi-channel audio device and/or your computer audio.
The easy-to-use editing interface lets you creatively edit your video, and add additional images, text, music, animations and transitions for a professional-looking screencast.
Here’s an example of Screenflow in action when I created a video explaining How to instal the new Facebook Pixel on WordPress using a Plugin:

Camtasia would be a similar option if you use a PC, not a Mac.

Facebook Slideshow

Facebook makes it incredibly easy for you to create a short animated video using images. This option is available whenever you create a post on Facebook from your desktop.
Create a post:
Create a post on Facebook
Create a Slideshow:
Create a Slideshow on Facebook
Choose up to seven images and adjust how you would like the slideshow to appear:
Create a Slideshow on Facebook
Facebook even prompts you to add captions to your slideshow once you have finished if you like to make it easy for people to watch your video without sound. Captions increase engagement and will keen people watching for later, so this is a great idea.
Here’s an example of a Facebook Slideshow in action showcasing the new #BusinessAddicts hats I got made:

Facebook Live

Probably the simplest video you can create is a Facebook Live video. All you have to do is stand in front (or behind) the camera and “Go Live” once you are ready.
Here’s an example of a Facebook Live in action when I met Gary Vaynerchuk at Social Media Marketing World in San Deigo in 2016:

Simple To Use Video Creation Tools

These are some of my favourite video creation tools that are simple to use, but it is not an exhaustive list.
What’s your favourite? Maybe it’s something I haven’t discovered as yet.
Share the details of other simple to use video creation tools in the comments below so we can all check it out!