Not sure what you need to do in your business in advance of a social media crisis to prepare yourself for when you are thrust into one?
This is a common issue faced by many businesses.
That’s why I interviewed Nicole Matejic, the Social Firefighter and author of the book Social Media Rules of Engagement: Why Your Online Narrative is the Best Weapon During a Crisis.
My plan was to find out exactly what you need to do so that you are adequately prepared to defend your business in the face of a full-blown social media crisis and she didn’t let me down.

Social Media Crisis Management

You might be thinking that you are highly unlikely to be involved in a social media crisis. That might be because your business is too small, not on social media or has an exceptional raport with your customers or perhaps it’s some other reason altogether.
Nicole well and truly dispels this myth and shares some great practical advice that you can follow, regardless of the size of your business.
There are many things you might not have thought about, like people setting up fake social media accounts in your business name, click-jacking and other unscrupulous behaviour that can potentially damage your business.

Gone are the days when ‘all publicity is good publicity’.

Nicole talks about social media as being a lot like sex. Using this analogy, she advises what you need to do to ensure that you don’t contract a STD (Socially Transmitted Disaster).
You need to protect your business!
And just in case you think you are protected because you put the phrase “views are my own” on your social media profiles, then think again. It’s much bigger than that.
You can protect your business in many ways. Most importantly, you need to develop a social media crisis management plan for your business.

A robust social media policy is an organisation’s first line of defence against employee-generated social media crises. Your second line of defence is a well-executed training and awareness program.

Nicole shares advice on what businesses should be doing in terms of training and awareness in this area.
It’s also important to build up positive stories, put some karma points in the bank, develop advocates and create influence to assist your business when things do go wrong.
Nicole also shares some of the early warning indicators that we should be on the lookout for that will raise the red flag that you may have a potential social media crisis on your hands.
We also discussed those pesky trolls that are only interested in causing mischief to provoke you and how you should respond to this kind of activity. In particular we touch on that delete key and when you should or shouldn’t be pushing it.
Social Media Crisis ManagementThroughout the interview, Nicole shares many real life examples of #PRFails to help illustrate some of the things that we should never do in a social media crisis, as well as examples of businesses that have responded well to a social media crisis so we can learn from them as well.
In addition to all this, Nicole shares some great tools that you may wish to use to assist with social media monitoring, both day-to-day and during a crisis.
This is a must listen interview for anyone that uses social media for business (and even those that don’t). In this day and age, nobody is immune from contracting a STD.
You need to protect yourself so that your business is not one of them.
Listen to the full interview here.