My Social Media Predictions 2014

In my opinion, 2014 in the world of social media is going to be about investment, engagement, diversification and assets.

Social Media Investment

Social Media Predictions 2014In 2013, in an attempt to improve Facebook user experience, Facebook made several major tweaks to the algorythm that determines what does and doesn’t appear in people’s newsfeeds. As a result, many businesses have been reporting a drop in organic reach. Business Pages are being encouraged to pay for Facebook Advertising to ensure their content reaches more of their fans.
Whilst many people are up in arms over this change, it shouldn’t really come as a major surprise to anyone who has undertaken any of my training. Whilst you built a community on Facebook, you never owned it. Facebook is the landlord and you are just the tenant. The newsfeed is Facebook’s prime piece of real estate and the landlord is entitled to put up the rent at any point in time. That time has come.
If you are experiencing success on Facebook, then you should be more than happy to allocate part of your marketing budget to invest in targeted Facebook Advertising to further amplify that success. If you are not experiencing success on Facebook, then perhaps you need to speak to me about how I can help you turn that around.

Social Media Engagement

Despite these algorythm changes, it is still possible to use the power of Facebook to assist in achieving your business goals without paying for advertising, provided you have a highly engaged audience. Engagement remains of ultimate importance when it comes to ensuring your content appears organically in the newsfeed of your fans.

Social Media Diversification

I have heard a few reports that it’s time to “jump ship” from Facebook. Now is definitely not the time to do so! Your audience is still there, the community you have invested a lot of time in developing is still accessible there and they are still expecting to hear from you – don’t desert them. Instead, you should be considering diversification of your social media marketing efforts.
Where else is your ideal customer or client spending their time? Perhaps you need to start developing a stronger presence in those spaces alongside your Facebook marketing efforts. It may well be over time that LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube or somewhere else might become more successful for your business, but it is likely that if you have little or no presence on those platforms at present, then they won’t give you anymore success than Facebook (with it’s revised algorythm) is giving you at this point in time. And there is no guarantee that those platforms won’t change over time, requiring you to invest in advertising on their platforms to achieve greater reach also!
Developing Hashtags for use by your business and the cross-platform communities you develop should be key to your social media strategy in 2014. As too should be the use of those Hashtags that your community uses as part of their everyday conversations on social media.

Social Media Assets

You also need to be taking a look at what assets you do own and how you can invest more in developing these. Is your website converting as well as it could be? How often are you posting to your blog? Are you encouraging people to subscribe to updates from your business? How frequently are you communicating with your community via email?
Engagement doesn’t just have to happen on Facebook and diversification doesn’t only mean looking at what other social media platforms can offer you. It’s time to take back control of the community you have developed around your business and be awesome!

What Are Your Social Media Predictions for 2014?

Do you agree with these social media predictions for 2014 or do you have some of your own that you would like to share?
Share them below as evidence so when they come true you can say “I told you so”.