I am soooooo excited!!!
Kia Rondo WheelsYou may have heard my screams of excitement buzzing around social media as I picked up my new car last week.  I can’t stop smiling. 🙂

As well as loving the car like crazy, part of the reason I am so excited is that this is the first new car I have bought in almost 20 years and this is the car that I have being going to buy for the past SIX YEARS!!!
Yes, you heard me right – 6 years!

Sales Funnel

Kia Rondo Steering WheelI first met the former version of my new Kia Rondo (called the Rondo 7 back then) in my local shopping centre. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I came up the escalators from the car park and there it was completely out of place wedged between the Optometrist and the Dry Cleaners. I wanted to buy it then and there, but I knew I had to get my husbands seal of approval. I waited patiently until the weekend and then dragged him back there to check it out.
To my delight he loved it too!
We were a one car family at the time, with child number 3 freshly on the way. I was sick (quite literally) of driving my husband to and from the station every day, so we were well and truly on the lookout for a new vehicle. We were both so excited to find something that seemed to fit perfectly with our growing family requirements and our budget. We were ready to buy….
But we didn’t.
Why not?
Within days of meeting my dream car and before I even got a chance to tell anyone a car purchase was on the cards (or even that a new baby was on the way), my Dad rang me up to say that he was getting rid of his station wagon and would like to make my life a little easier. He proposed that I purchase his old car under terms that were just too good to refuse, so we took him up on the offer.
We didn’t give up on the dream of the seven-seater. Instead we decided to hold off a year or so until we got through the period of financial uncertainty that comes with a new addition to the family before we committed to the expense of a new car.
We kept on the lookout for a new car and before we new it a year or two had rolled into five. This time last year we started looking again seriously and came pretty close to buying a Dodge Journey, but didn’t. I can’t even remember why we didn’t buy it in the end. But we didn’t.
Kia Rondo Werribee MotorsAbout a month ago we started up the search again and extended our investigations to include the Fiat Freemont and the Toyota Prius V in addition to the Kia and the Dodge.
I checked out the Kia Rondo Paltinum, which was fresh off the production line with its panoramic roof, sat nav, seat warmers and a bunch of other extras that I really didn’t need but so desperately wanted. I took it for a spin, loved it and bought it. This all happened within the space of about about a week in the end.

Social Media Sales Funnel

So what does all this have to do with the social media sales funnel?
I had a client last week complaining that she is not seeing a significant conversion from her newly acquired 3,000 fans into paying customers and the story of my new car purchase immediately sprang to mind.
Perhaps they are not ready to buy!
People don’t jump from “awareness” to “purchase” overnight, particularly if it is a big ticket item. Just because people don’t buy from you within five minutes of Liking your Facebook Page (and most won’t), doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to buy from you in the future (or refer your business to a friend) when the time is right.
Instead of expecting an immediate sale from your fans, focus on nurturing relationships so that when all the planets align and they are ready to make a buying decision that your business and the products/services you have to offer are top of mind.
It is important to realise that the duration of time between a prospect becoming aware that you exist and handing over hard earned cash for what it is you have to offer will vary greatly between people based on their personal circumstances. For some it will be six minutes, some six years and for others it will be never.
Kia Rondo CelebrationIn the meantime, social media is the perfect tool to assist in nurturing their decision making process by providing value, engaging with them and positioning your business and the products/services you have to offer as their number one choice.
Do that well and you will develop raving fans that may even take to social media and tell their friends how excited they are about their new purchase and how they can’t stop smiling! 🙂
How is your social media sales funnel going? Are you giving up on those people that don’t buy from you straight away? Tell us your nurturing success stories in the comments below.