We are no longer debating the importance of social media. It is now a given that if you want to succeed in business in this day and age, then you need to be using social media in a capacity appropriate to your business.
But it’s not just a case of showing up!
The success gap is widening between those businesses that are using social media in an ad hoc manner and those that are taking a more planned and strategic approach. Social media is not an end unto itself. Instead it should be integrated within your marketing mix to assist you in achieving your overall business goals.

8 Key Areas For Social Media Success For Business

The following 8 key areas will assist you in achieving social media success for business:

1. Strategy

To quote Zig Ziglar:
If you don't know where you are going you will probably end up somewhere else - Zig Ziglar
Like everything else you do in business, you will achieve greater success if you know where you are going and what you wish to achieve.
socail media strategyBusinesses that develop a social media strategy achieve better results than those that use a scattergun approach of implementing random social media tips, tactics and tools.
Your social media strategy should focus on how you can use social media to assist your business to achieve your overall business goals. Your strategy should provide you with the framework for how you intend to build online communities, effectively engage with those communities and then convert them into action that aligns with their overall business goals.
It should also identify how you intend to allocate and leverage your time, people, expertise and finances when it comes to using social media.

2. Audience

audienceOne of the first steps on your path to social media success is identifying, locating and connect with your ideal customers.
You need to develop an audience around your business as an asset. Whilst your plan should involve converting a portion of your audience into customers, you also need to appreciate the different roles that your various audience members (i.e. Seekers, Amplifiers and Joiners) will play in assisting you to achieve your overall business goals.

3. Conversion

scoail media conversionIn order to most effectively convert you audience into customers, you need to first establish a social media conversion funnel for your business. This conversion funnel should not just be about clinching the sale. Social media provides you with the ability to build a cross-platform community and most importantly, leverage the power of advocacy, amplification and authenticity via the community of raving fans you develop around your business.

4. Platform

platformWith so many social media networks to choose from these days, it is important that you determine which social media networks are most appropriate for your business.
The various social media networks are “channels” for your business to build and communicate with your audience. However, there is more to life than just social media. You need to integrate all of the on and offline channels that you use to communicate with your audience, including your website, blog, email subscriber list, events, books and so on to create a platform for your business.

5. Content

social media contentTo be successful on social media, you need to consistently and efficiently create, source and share useful content. This all starts with the development of an Editorial Mission and Editorial Calendar. You also need to be able to identify the most appropriate media to package your content. Should you be creating content for a blog, video series, podcast or something else?
It’s not a case of “build it and they will come” either when it comes to getting your content seen by your ideal customers. You need to be able to leverage your content to gain greater exposure.

6. Email

emailEffective use of email marketing, used in conjunction with social media, builds brand awareness, drives traffic to your website, builds community and increases profits.
Building a nurtured email subscriber list gives you a “push button” audience for your content to reach and to sell your products and services to and social media provides you with the perfect avenue for building that list.

7. Monitoring

social media monitoringTo be successful in business, you need to listen to your customers! This is much easier than ever before, with so many fantastic tools available to monitor online conversations about your business. With effective monitoring and notifications in place, you can then respond to those conversations that are most important to your business in a timely manner.
However, it’s not just monitoring conversations that is important. You also need to ensure that you staff and community have clear guidelines around what is the appropriate use of the various social media platforms for your business.
Whilst social media nightmares are few and far between for most businesses, history demonstrates that things can and do go wrong in the world of social media. Therefore, you should protect your business by developing an online issues and crisis management plan that will act as your on-line insurance policy in the event that a social media PR disaster hits your business.

8. Measurement

social media measurementAt the end of the day, you are not on social media just for the fun of it (or at least you shouldn’t be if you wish to run a profitable business). You need to put systems in place to provide insights and analytics that measure what aspects of your social media strategy are working and what isn’t and then adjust accordingly. This is necessary to ensure that your social media strategy is assisting in achieving your overall business goals, as well as providing you with a decent return on investment for all of your social media efforts.

Start Achieving Social Media Success For Your Business

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