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Do you need help to learn how to harness the power of social media to assist in achieving your overall business goals?

At Impactiv8, it’s our mission to help businesses understand what social media is, how it can benefit your business, what the best social media tools for your business are and how to use them!

Our social media training workshops and courses have helped thousands of individuals, small business owners, marketing managers and organisations increase their results by teaching social media strategy in an easy-to-understand, actionable format.

Impactiv8 offers the following training options for businesses:

Social Media Training Courses Australia


Social Media Presentations & Workshops

Loren Bartley is available to conduct bespoke social media presentations or workshops within your business, at conferences or other events.

Social Media Coaching

If you want to stay hands-on with your digital marketing but need guidance to get the best results, Impactiv8 provides one-on-one online marketing coaching for your business.

Email Marketing Online Course

The “Growing Your Business With Email Marketing” online course will help you map out your email marketing for the year ahead so that you can start to generate more leads and sales.

Facebook Ads Online Course

This online training course teaches you how to create profitable Facebook Ads for your business so that you can start generating a consistent stream of leads and sales for your business, without breaking the bank!

#BusinessAddicts The Podcast – A FREE podcast that provides a balance of strategies, tips and tools that will help both feed and manage your business addiction.


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