This is the sixth in a six post series aimed at assisting businesses to effectively run competitions on Facebook. In case you missed them, the other posts are:

A competition app sits beneath the cover image on your Facebook Page Timeline. Generally speaking, apps that aren’t promoted get very little traffic, as only 4% of the people that have ‘Liked’ your Page will ever return to your Page. Instead, your fans rely on seeing your content via their newsfeed. Therefore it is going to be mainly first time visitors to your Page that will see the app and unless promoted effectively, you are not going to have a large number of entrants in your competition.

Tips For Promoting Facebook Competitions

Many people jump to the conclusion after hearing all of Facebook’s rules that you cannot promote your competition on Facebook. This is not the case and you should promote your competition like crazy or don’t bother running a competition at all!!
The Importance Of Promoting Facebook Competitions Like CrazyYou should encourage people to enter via your Business Page, your Personal Timeline, any relevant Groups you are a member of, as well as via Facebook ads if you have budget for that.
If you choose to conduct a competition via a 3rd party app development tool, make sure it incorporates social sharing elements to encourage entrants to invite their friends to enter the competition once they have completed their entry.
This can usually be achieved either by selecting friends from their friends list that will receive an individual notification or by sharing it on their Timeline so that it appears in the newsfeeds of their friends. If it can be set up to give entrants the option to choose either or both of these options AND provide them with the incentive of an extra entry (or even five extra entries) for every friend that they refer to the competition that enters, then even better.
Social sharing features are what will enable you to leverage the viral nature of Facebook.
And don’t forget to promote your Facebook competition via other social media platforms, your website, email marketing, and off-line also.

Follow Up After The Facebook Competition

The real magic with a Facebook Competition comes after the competition has ended, but unfortunately this is the part that is overlooked by most. Whatever you do, don’t forget to FOLLOW UP with all those people that have put up their hand and expressed an interest in your business and/or products and services!
For example, all those people that have entered your competition to win a pair of shoes are obviously interested in YOUR shoes. Assuming you collected their email address as part of the process, you now have the perfect opportunity to send them a direct marketing campaign, perhaps offering them 20% off the purchase of that same product or a product of their choice in store.
Give them a unique promotional code as part of that offer and then you will have the ability track sales that are generated as a direct result of the competition. This method won’t track all sales generated as a result of the competition, but the results should at least give you an indication of whether or not you have received any return on your investment in the competition. Where possible, you should put additional tracking methods in place also so you can assess the effectiveness of each campaign you conduct.

Tips For Promoting The Winner

And don’t forget the winner! See what leverage you can get out of their story too as a method of keeping the momentum and interest going long after the competition has ended. Get photos of them using your product/service, post those photos to your Facebook Page and ask them to tag themself in the picture! In addition to this, you should ask them to write a testimonial about your product.
Don’t just restrict yourself to your social media channels though. Encourage your competition winner to share their story by whatever means they have available, whether that be posting a message of thanks on your Page’s Timeline, tweeting some pictures of themself using your product/service or writing a blog post on their own blog if they have one. All this exposure creates a greater reach for your business and hopefully a higher return on investment for the competition.
In most cases they will be more than happy to oblige as a way of saying thank you for the significant value you have provided them.
So this is the final post in this six part series on assisting businesses to effectively run competitions on Facebook. If you have any additional tips, please share them in the comments below.