WOW! Can you believe that 2014 is almost over?
I have been taking time to reflect on the year that was and as part of that reflection I have flicked back through the 40 blog posts I have written so far this year and compiled a list of my Top 10.

Interestingly, the content in each and every one of my Top 10 is still as relevant now as it was the day I wrote them. But more importantly, they each contain significant value that can help propel your business to achieving social media success in 2015.
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Here they are…

Top 10 Social Media Blog Posts 2014

  1. The Social Media Conversion Funnel
  2. 8 Key Areas For Social Media Success For Business
  3. 3 Ways To Advertise On Facebook & Why You Should Use Power Editor
  4. Best Image Editing Tools 2014
  5. 3 Simple Ways To Create Engaging Visual Content
  6. Best Social Media Content Sourcing Tools
  7. 8 Recent Changes To Facebook That You Probably Don’t Know About
  8. Does Email Marketing Still Work?
  9. Using Hashtags For Business: What Hashtags Should I Use?
  10. 8 Ninja Tips & Tricks For Taking Back Control Of Your Facebook News Feed

I also want to acknowledge the post I wrote back on 23 January 2014, where I laid out my Social Media Predictions For 2014. I am pleased to advise that each and every one of my predictions came true. 🙂
Honourable mentions also go to the following blog posts that didn’t make the Top 10, but still continue to provide enormous value:

What Was Your Favourite?

What was your favourite social media blog post from Impactiv8 in 2014? Tell us about it in the comments below. I would also be keen to hear what you would like to see more or less of in 2015 to help shape our ongoing content calendar.
Thanks for your continued readership in 2014. I hope you enjoy the festive season and go on to achieve social media success for your business in 2015.