The desktop version of Facebook Messages has just had a makeover, with a new look and more features.  The changes enable you to message more people, add more attachments to messages and find things more easily.

Makeover for Facebook Messages

Message Anyone You Know

how to write a message on facebook via your private profile

You can now message more people directly within the Message area of Facebook.

Facebook improved new message desktop view

You just need to start a new message and then start typing the person’s name in the “To” field and a selection of your friends will appear in a drop-down list.  Underneath the pictures of your friends it will indicate “Other People”, enabling you to message friends of friends and other people in your life.  Those messages will go into their “Others” folder and all they have to do is reply or click Move to Inbox to enable all future correspondence between the two of you to be delivered directly to their Inbox.

Add Multiple Attachments To Messages

You can now also add multiple files to Facebook messages by clicking on the “Add Files” and then selecting multiple files at once:

how to add multiple attachments to your facebook message

Improved Search

Facebook search function, improved facbook search, IMHO search is one of the things Facebook does most poorly.  It looks like they are trying to improve on this, with an improved search feature within Messages.  Simply type the word you are looking for into the search box and it will return a list of People’s names that include that word in one column (obviously only returns results if the word you are looking for is a name or part of a name of someone you have messaged) and a list of all the messages containing that word in the main column, with the search word highlighted in yellow. Click on the item that looks like what you are looking for and it will display the full history of that message.

Click here for more information on using Facebook Messages.

What further improvements would you like to see in Facebook Messages?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.