How To Change App Tab ImagesThe new Facebook Pages incorporating Timeline provide several opportunities for your business to reflect your brand on your Business Page.  One of those is the opportunity to change the images that appear on the application tabs that appear on your Facebook page just below the cover image.
Ever wondered “how to change app images on Facebook Business Pages?”
Here is an overview as to how to change app images on Facebook to optimise your branding and then rearrange the order to highlight the most important apps you want people to visit.

How To Change App Images On Facebook Business Pages

So if you haven’t already, be sure to visit your business page and update the application tab images to better reflect your branding and rearrange tabs to highlight your most important apps.
Some other things to note:

  • Facebook calls custom image tabs “Views”.
  • You can no longer set a default landing tab. Everyone lands on your Timeline regardless of whether or not they have liked your page.
  • You can show a maximum number of 12 apps, however only four (including photos) are visible without having to click on a dropdown arrow to see the rest. This is down from the 5 apps you could see under the old design before having to click “more” to see the rest.
  • Page admins will see ALL of their tabs revealed by clicking the arrow.
  • You can uninstall an app by hovering the mouse over each tab’s custom tab image and selecting “uninstall app”.
  • The dimensions for tab images are 111px x 74px.
  • Tab widths have changed to 520px to 810px.

Here are some instructions and a short video on How To Make Facebook Tab/View Images Using Adobe Illustrator.
Here is some more details on How To Set Up Your Facebook Page For The New Design And Timeline, as well as some answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Facebook Timeline for Pages.
If there are any other changes to the new Facebook Page design that you would like explained in a short video, please indicate in the comments below.