Want More Website Traffic From Facebook?Let me guess. You are active on Facebook, posting regularly, engaging in the conversation, but not quite getting the website traffic from Facebook that you were expecting. Am I right?
If so, here are some tips for gaining more website traffic from Facebook.

Planning Will Get You More Website Traffic From Facebook

The first thing you need to do long before you even set up a Facebook Page is determine what your overall business goals are and how Facebook can assist you in achieving those objectives. Like anything in business, you need to have a strategy or you won’t be successful.
If more traffic to your website from Facebook is one of your major objectives, then this might sound obvious, but you need to plan to share more links to your website more frequently.
You don’t get more website traffic from Facebook if you adopt an adhoc strategy to Facebook posting. You will know if your strategy is adhoc if you regularly ask yourself “what should I post on Facebook today?”

A Content Calendar Will Get You More Website Traffic From Facebook

You need to develop a content calendar that plans the content you need to develop in your business for sharing on Facebook and any other social media platforms that you have a presence on.  Your content calendar should look at what is coming up on the calendar in general (e.g. public holidays), in your industry and your business.  From there you need to determine what blog posts or other forms of content that need to be developed.  Next step is the more time consuming one.  This is where you go about developing that content.  Finally, you look at scheduling that content to be posted at the optimal time to reach more of your audience.
Scheduling a Facebook PostIf you take the time to plan, develop and schedule content, then you are more likely to share a variety of engaging content that is delivered at appropriate times, with targeted calls to action. It is so easy to schedule posts now that Facebook allows scheduling right from within the platform that really there is no excuse for not doing it.
As part of the planning process you can then take a step back and ensure that you are regularly including links to your website in the content that you share.  But don’t go overboard!  Facebook is not all about self-promotion.  Share links to other people’s content as relevant as well.
Editing a Scheduled Facebook PostNow don’t stress that if you schedule your posts that you are locked into sharing that content and have no room to supplement those posts.  This is not the case.  A scheduled post is not set in stone.  Should something else pop up that is far more important and worthy of sharing than what you have scheduled, then you can always create a new post and go into the Activity Log for your Facebook Page and reschedule the scheduled post for a later date. You can even edit posts in the Activity Log now, which is great news.
Whilst you might want to shuffle things around if you have multiple posts due to go out on the same day, don’t be affraid to post regularly. There is also nothing wrong with posting more than once a day. In fact, I would encourage it where you have the capacity as it will ensure that your business and the content you share is seen by more people.
Do you need assistance in driving website traffic from Facebook to your website? If so, check out the Social Media Content Calendar Template 2014 to help you start planning what content you will share from your website and when.
I will share more tips on how to drive website traffic from Facebook next week…
Do you successfully plan, create and schedule content to be shared on Facebook with the intention of gaining more website traffic from Facebook? If so, please share your tips in the comments below.