I am often asked “what are the benefits of running a competition on Facebook for businesses”, and “what is the best way to run a competition on Facebook for business effectively?”  There is actually a lot more to this than you might think, so I have broken this down into six smaller posts on the topic.
This is the first in a six post series aimed at assisting businesses to effectively run competitions on Facebook. The other posts are:

Why Should Businesses Look At Running A Competition On Facebook?

That depends on your overall business goals. Like everything you do on Facebook or any other social media platforms, it needs to align to what you are trying to achieve as a business.
It also depends on where you are at with your Facebook Page development. In the early stages it might be just to get fans, but as you increase your fan base it might be more about getting a targeted email list of people that are excited about a particular product or service that you have to offer or getting more of those fans to visit your store.

Benefits Of Running A Competition On Facebook

The benefits of running a competition on Facebook for businessOne of the major benefits of a competition on Facebook is that to comply with Facebook’s competition guidelines, you have to obtain another form of contacting people external to Facebook’s features and functionality. That method of contact is usually an email address, and a targeted email address is a marketer’s gold!
Another great benefit of running a competition on Facebook is that you can restrict entry to achieve your objectives. So if you are running a competition in an attempt to get more people to ‘Like’ your page, check into your store or download your app, then make any of these a requirement for entry rather than just hoping that people will do so after entering your competition (as most won’t).
Whilst it is great to restrict entry to achieve your objectives, don’t put too many barriers in the way of entry, such as requiring a lot of personal details, as this will result in a lower conversion to entrants.
Similarly, if you want more people to visit you in-store, then you can restrict entry to people who have checked-in to your business via Facebook. All of this is possible via a well-built 3rd party competition app.
So now that you know what the benefits are of running a competition on Facebook are, find out What Types Of Competitions Work Best On Facebook? in the next post in this series.