This is the fourth in a six post series aimed at assisting businesses to effectively run competitions on Facebook.  In case you missed them, the other posts are:

Probably the most frequently question I get asked in regards to Facebook competitions is “What Are The Rules For Running A Competition On Facebook?”

Facebook Competition Guidelines

What are the rules for running a competition on FacebookAs well as the Legal Requirements For Running A Competition On Facebook, anytime you run a competition on Facebook where you wish to select a winner, you must adhere to the terms of Facebook’s Promotions Guidelines as part of the Facebook Pages Terms. Whilst it is no longer a requirement to use a 3rd party app or have your competition hosted external to Facebook, it is best practice that you use a 3rd party app.
Hosting a competition via a 3rd party app is recommended as you can like-gate (fan gate) an app and collect email addresses, assisting with lead generation and ensuring you have a way to continue to engage with competition entrants long after the competition has ended.

Terms And Conditions

To comply with Facebook’s Promotions Guidelines, the Terms and Conditions of your competition should also include:

  • A complete release of Facebook;
  • Acknowledgement that the promotion is in no way administered, sponsored or endorsed by or associated with Facebook;
  • Disclosure that participants are not providing information to Facebook.

Facebook actually has quite a good Promotions Guidelines Training video that is well worth the watch to reinforce their requirements.

Announcing The Winner

Something else to note is Facebook’s guidelines around notifying and announcing the winner. You MUST notify the winner via some means external to Facebook, such as e-mail or phone. That’s why we needed to collect that info in the first place.
You must announce the winner via whatever method you included within the Terms and Conditions you set up for the competition. I would suggest that you make your website the “official” place that you make the announcement. In addition to this, you can announce the winner on your Facebook Page once (and provided) you have their consent to do so. This is to respect the privacy of your competition entrants. For instance, perhaps Bob doesn’t want his wife to know that he has won a pair of Pretty Metallic Pink Stilettos, particularly if he intend to give them to his girlfriend or keep them for himself to wear when she is not around!
Once you gain the winner’s permission to announce the result, it’s best for you to share this story on your Facebook, demonstrating transparency that a draw actually took place and also providing an opportunity for more engagement with those people that entered the competition. Here is a simple process you can follow:

  • Film the draw live;
  • Ring/email the winner to advise them they have won and how to redeem the prize;
  • Create a blog post that includes the video of the draw, along with a statement from the winner of what the prize means to them (including a picture if possible);
  • Share that blog post on your Facebook Page.

In the next post in this series I provide you with some 3rd Party Facebook Competition App Development Tool Options that you can choose from when running your next Facebook competition that will assist in you comply with Facebook’s Competition Guidelines.