Q. What should I post on my Facebook Business Page?

This is actually a much easier question to answer than most people think, but unfortunately a lot of small businesses are getting this VERY wrong.
What Should I Post On My Facebook Business Page?

A. The content you post on your Facebook Page should be content that is of value to your ideal customer.

First things first, when asking yourself “what should I post on my Facebook Business Page?”, let’s not start with the “post” itself. Start instead with a plan! This plan should take the form of a content calendar that aligns with your overall social media strategy.
Now approach this planning phase with the mindset of “What do my customers want to know that is relevant or related to my business?”, rather than “what do I want to tell my customers about my business?” There is a subtle, but significant difference here and don’t be surprised if the answers to that first question brings up only a handful of things that relate specifically to your products and/or services.

“What do my customers want to know that is relevant or related to my business?”

For example, if you own a shop that sells hiking equipment, then your customers are probably going to want to know about good walking trails, tips for packing for long walks and details of any events coming up such as the Oxfam Trailwalk.
If 80% of the content you share focuses on those things of value to the hiking community at large, then if the other 20% of the time you are sharing stories about the new boots you just got in stock or a new record your staff just set for pitching the four-man tent in the window of your store, then not only aren’t people going to object to your subtle sales messages, but they are probably going to join in the conversations around those products and be more inclined to buy them from your store.
What a lot of businesses don’t understand is that Facebook is not about broadcasting sales messages. In fact, I always suggest that my clients lean more toward educating their ideal customers of the benefits that their products and services can provide, rather than focusing on sales messages. You can use other forms of communication, such as email, to drive home the sales messages.
These days most people do their research online prior to making a purchase, whether that it is an online or in-store purchase they are making. If you can be either the creator of that content or the source of the content they are using to educate themselves about products and services, then you are positioning yourself as a knowledgeable resource on the topic and will be in a much stronger position to influence their buying decision.
Do you need assistance in creating a content calendar for your business? If so, check out the Social Media Content Calendar Template 2014 to help you get started straight away!