Today I toured the ABC studios in Melbourne with my eldest son. My excitement levels were off the charts!
I got to meet Charlie Pickering, Kitty Flanagan and Tom Gleeson!!!
I switched into major groupie mode and got a load of #selfies with the stars…
The Weekly with Charlie Pickering Kitty Flanagan Tom Gleeson and Loren Bartley
I also sat myself in the main seat. Charlie’s seat to be precise (yep, that’s me up the top there behind the desk).
Now most people would sit in the hosts chair and imagine themselves being broadcast to thousands of people during prime time and think that it would never EVER be possible for them – not me!
The Weekly with Charlie Pickering On AirYes, I envisaged myself being broadcast to thousands of people during prime time, but the difference was that I actually think IT IS POSSIBLE for me.
But here’s the best bit… I also think it is possible for you!
Don’t get me wrong, I am not about to chase down the major networks to achieve that dream (however, if they come knocking I will answer) and I am not suggesting that for you either. Instead I am building my own platform that has the potential to achieve the equivalent of Charlie’s success and you can do this too!
Probably similar to you (sorry if I underestimate your awesomeness), I am not reaching thousands of people during prime time (as yet), but I am reaching some.
In fact, I am reaching many significant people (including you).
The great thing about what I am doing is that I am not focusing on reaching the masses, but instead I am focused on reaching my targeted audience. Do that and not only are you increasing your chances of reaching the masses, but they will be the right masses.
Also, my definition of “prime time” is different…
The Weekly with Charlie Pickering CameraPrime time when you refer to television is the time when most people are watching. Traditional prime time is eight to eleven o’clock at night, Monday through Friday.
My definition of prime time changes from person-to-person. Prime time for me means being present at the right time (and in the right place) for my audience. Charlie Pickering gets to rock up at the same time and place every week and his audience will be waiting for him (both in the studio and in front of their plasmas), but this is more of a challenge for me.
Whilst I can (and do) show up regular and consistently through my blog, podcast and weekly subscriber email and there will always be a portion of my audience that is anticipating the next instalment, the truth is that for the majority of my audience I need to do more than that to win their attention.
To gain prime time exposure on those networks that I choose to broadcast (I prefer the word share) my content I need to take a strategic multi-platform approach. Basically, that means posting my “quality content” more than once on each platform where I have developed a presence, having other people share my content and performing other activities, like being strategic in my use of social media, as well as investing strategically in social media advertising.
There is actually a lot more to it, but these kinds of activities (amongst others) will help amplify my reach.
I don’t have the ABC as my broadcast medium, but I do have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. I need to share my content on those platforms where my audience is hanging out and when they are hanging out. In order to do that, I need to know my audience well. I not only need to know where they are hanging out, so I can develop a presence there, but I also need to know what they want.
This isn’t any different to Charlie Pickering. In fact, I am just like Charlie!
[Tweet “Why I am just like Charlie Pickering and why you should be too! @charliepick”]
Charlie needs to know his audience inside and out. So too do I.
The Weekly with Charlie Pickering Studio AudienceCharlie needs to know what the demographics, psychographics, interests and behaviours are of his audience, so he knows just what buttons to push that will make them laugh.
I need to know the same. I survey my audience, ask questions regularly and study my insights and analytics to better understand the needs of my audience.
What are you doing to get to know your audience better so that you can push the right buttons, just like Charlie?
Charlie gives his audience what they want. So too do I.
Because Charlie knows his audience so well, he is able to deliver all the right punchlines. Sure he might not hit the mark exactly every single time, but he does so more than most and by the end of each of his shows you are left with a smile on your face. Its this consistency in his quality delivery that stands him above other comedians.
I use the information I learn about my audience to find out what they want and then I make it my job to deliver it. Some content performs better than others, but collectively all of that content goes toward demonstrating my expertise and allowing me to stand out above my competition.
How are you getting to know your audience better to ensure that you are delivering what they want, just like Charlie?
Charlie puts out excellent content on a weekly basis. So too do I.
The Weekly with Charlie Pickering Running SheetCharlie writes and stars in a quality weekly television program that is The Weekly with Charlie Pickering. He does some other cool stuff too.
I create awesome blog posts, podcast episodes, weekly email updates, social media posts, free giveaways, programs, products and services.
What excellent content do you produce regularly and consistently, just like Charlie?
Charlie is building his audience. So too am I. 
Charlie has 288,000 Twitter follows (maybe more by now), but like me he started with none.
I am focusing on building my social media followers, website visitors, podcast listeners, subscribers and customers, one person at a time.
What are you doing to build your audience, just like Charlie?
Charlie has raving fans (I am one of them). So too do I (I wonder if he is one of mine?)
You have to be good at what you do to develop raving fans. Clearly Charlie is good at what he does.
I have raving fans too, so that must mean that I am good at what I do too. 😉
What are you doing to gain raving fans, just like Charlie?
Charlie wasn’t always a star. Neither am I.
Charlie Pickering Kitty Flanagan Tom GleesonCharlie didn’t start as a talk-show host with a massive following. Instead he spent ten years travelling the world as a stand up comedian honing his skills. Over that time he built his authority in his field, he developed an audience and he started to achieve bigger and bigger success, as evident through the high quality opportunities that now come his way.
This is the mindset I take into everything I do. Everything I do is a learning opportunity and a stepping stone to the next bigger and better opportunity. My business is growing as a result of this mindset.
What are you doing to become a star in your niche, just like Charlie?
Charlie is making a living from doing what he loves. So too am I.
Charlie Pickering Excited before The Weekly ShowCharlie left his legal career behind to pursue his passion as a Comedian – gutsy move! Clearly he loves what he does and it looks like the risk has paid off for him.
I am passionate about teaching people how to leverage the power of social media to grow their business. I am so grateful that I have been able to develop a business around that, which allows me to live the life that I do (including taking the afternoon off to spend time with my son touring the ABC studios and meeting Charlie). Sure it’s not all afternoon’s off and Charlie Pickering, but I wouldn’t change it for the world!
What are you doing so that you can make a living from what you love, just like Charlie?
Be more like Charlie!