Why Should I Invest In Facebook Ads?

I was recently interviewed by Mel Samson from Click-winning Content, where we discussed that question I get asked by so many people…

In this interview we talked about:

  • Why the reach of your posts has been decreasing recently
  • Tips for getting your Facebook reach back up – the things that Pages who are still experiencing high reach are doing!
  • The importance of engagement on Facebook
  • Why you should invest in Facebook Ads
  • The mindset shift you need to make about the investment of the time and money you are investing in your content creation and sharing strategy
  • How investing a small amount in Facebook Advertising can generate greater organic reach for your content
  • The three different ways you can advertise on Facebook
  • Why boosting posts to people who Like your Page and their Friends is a waste of money
  • The best targeting options when boosting a post
  • How to achieve really targeted targeting 🙂
  • Why you might be seeing ads in your newsfeed that seem irrelevant – its not Facebook’s fault!
  • Why getting Fangry that you now have to pay for Facebook Advertising and refusing to Advertise as a result is doing a disservice for your business
  • Why you should allocate a small budget for testing Facebook Ads for your business before you turn your nose up at them
  • Monitoring and adjusting your ads whilst they are live to gain a better return on investment
  • How Facebook helps you to get the best return on investment for your Facebook Ads

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Watch this interview on Expert Tips For Using Facebook Ads To Build Your Business here:

If you would like to learn more about how to create Facebook Ads for your business, then you might also want to watch the Creating Facebook Ads That Convert Google Hangout that I recently conducted with Alli Price from Motivating Mum, where we discussed this in further detail.
You can also download the handouts from the Creating Facebook Ads That Convert presentation here.