Ever wanted to start a podcast?
That was me for about 2 years until I finally launched #BusinessAddicts The Podcast on 18 March 2015.
It is obviously still early days, but I can already see that launching a podcast is likely going to be the one of best decisions I have made for my business to date.
Here’s 10 reasons why…
Why you should start a podcast for your business in 2015

1. Less Noise

As Cliff Ravenscraft explained during his presentation on “Why now is the perfect time to start your business podcast” at Social Media Marketing World 2015, there is a much smaller haystack.
Smaller HaystackThere are currently:

  • Over 400 million active English language blogs
  • Over 4 million hours worth of video uploaded to YouTube each month (that’s ~ 100hrs per minute)
  • Only 275,00 audio podcasts!

Fancy operating in a space where there is less competition?

2. Ability To Consume Your Content On The Go

We are all busy people.
Reading blogs or watching videos requires focused screen time. Who has spare time for adding more screen time into their day? Not me!
An audio-only format allows your audience to consume your content whilst they are at the gym, out walking, in their car, folding washing, preparing the evening meal or whatever other multi-taking activity they choose to undertake whilst focusing on your every word.
This is an audience that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to tap into with other content formats.
Wouldn’t you love to be able to reach those people too?

3. Self-Selecting Audience, Listening On Demand

Podcasting is a self-selecting audience.
People consume your content because they want to, when they want to and not because it is the best option available to them at the time, as is often the case when choosing a traditional radio station or listening to their music collection.
As your audience has self-selected themselves as being interested in the content you are providing, they are more likely to be your ideal audience.
But what is really powerful is the fact that they are listening when they want to.
Perhaps it is because they have a real need for the information you are sharing at that specific point in time (even if the particular episode they are listening to is from your archives). This makes them more likely to respond to any of the call-to-actions you include during that episode, therefore increasing your ability to influence.
Would you like to increase your influence within your target audience?

4. Significant Reach

Once someone subscribes to your podcast, you are in their podcast feed. Period.
There is no algorithm applied at that point that determines whether or not they will see your future episodes within their podcast listening app of choice.
It’s just there. Waiting for them to listen when they are ready, in a similar manner to how an email will sit in someone’s inbox waiting for them to open it.
Most apps also automatically download your most recent episode for subscribers by default.
Therefore, as you continue to build your audience, your potential reach will also start to increase.
In addition to this, podcasting apps, such as iTunes, apply an algorithm that makes it easier for your episode to be found either in the “New & Noteworthy” section, “What’s Hot” or via the various podcast category listings.
The more Subscribers, Downloads, Ratings and Reviews that you receive, the more likely you are to move up those listings.
Business Addicts New & Noteworthy
Therefore, if you create quality content that is consumed and valued by your audience, then you have the potential to receive a much greater reach into the ears of more of your ideal audience.
Pretty cool hey?

5. Intimacy

By inserting your voice into the ear buds of your ideal audience on a regular and consistent basis, you have the opportunity to provide value to your audience in an intimate setting.
The human voice is powerful, allowing you to connect on a much deeper level than what you would achieve if someone was just reading one your blog posts. If done correctly, it can seem like you are speaking directly to the listener and the listener alone.
People have been known to catch themselves laughing out loud and responding back when listening to podcasts. I know, because I am one of those people!
If you share your story and experiences as part of the narrative of your podcast, your listeners are going to get to know you personally, perhaps resonate with your messages and feel like they know you intimately. This can do wonders for speeding up the process of getting your audience to know, like and trust you so that they are more likely to want to do business with you (and sooner).
Would you like more of the people that consume your content to do business with you (and quicker)? 

6. Greater Length Of Exposure To Your Content

How long do most people spend reading one of your blog posts?
Check out your Google Analytics and do the maths.
It is it less than 1 minute, a couple of minutes or maybe as much as 5 minutes for those posts where you spent hours carefully crafting a real meaty, in-depth blog post?
Now think about how long they are likely to listen to your podcast for.
We release a new #BusinessAddicts episodes every week and they range in duration from 35-45 minutes. I know from speaking to some of our listeners that they have listened to some episodes back-to-back.
That’s over an hours worth of consuming our content and developing a relationship with us in one sitting!
I would much prefer to spend several hours working on a podcast episode that I know is going to be listened to for 35-45minutes instead of spending the same amount of time on a blog post that may be flicked over in less than a minute.
What about you?
Let’s look at this from another angle.
#BusinessAddicts hit 1,000 episode downloads inside the first two weeks of launching (and we haven’t even really got started on the bulk of our launch campaign yet).
#BusinessAddicts The Podcast 1,000 Downloads
To put that into perspective, #BusinessAddicts received almost as many episode downloads as what my business, Impactiv8, received in website traffic during that same period of time.
Now, I know that there is probably a large portion of those downloads that were not listened to during that period, but let’s think about this for a moment…
I would much prefer to have 1,000 podcast episode downloads from people who are either listening to or intend to listen to me for 35-45mins over 1,000 people that visit my website for an average duration of a couple of minutes, where the majority of them bounce straight off the site never to be seen again.
What about you?

7. Connecting With Experts

You should not underestimate the value of creating a podcast platform for your business.
This is not only of high value to your business, but also to other people who would benefit from gaining access to the audience you have built around your podcast.
I have learnt this firsthand since launching #BusinessAddicts The Podcast. At first, I was amazed at how easy it has been to attract high calibre guests to interview on the show, but I now realise that it is a complete win/win relationship.
Business Addicts Fetured Guests
Your guests win by receiving all of the benefits I have listed above with an audience they otherwise may not have had access to, without having to do all the “hard work” that goes on behind the scenes in putting a podcast together.
This is even true for those people that have their own podcast, because it becomes another opportunity to promote their podcast to other people that they already know listen to podcasts. 🙂
It is also a major win for you, as you get to attract high calibre guests (which makes you look pretty good), you gain quality content for your podcast and then you gain even further exposure into new audiences via their social sharing once the episode goes live.
It is unlikely that an expert is going to say yes if you ask them if you can call them up and pick their brains for half an hour, but if you ask if you can interview them for a podcast episode that is going to be heard by their potential customers that they don’t currently have access to, then you are more likely to receive a YES!
Would you like to develop win/win relationships with other experts related to your business?

8. Positioning Yourself As An Expert

When you create a podcast, it’s your podcast!
That means you set the rules.
Whilst I am a big advocate for getting your listeners involved and finding out what they want, at the end of the day, the decision is down to you.
You decide what topics you will cover. You decide what guests you will have on the show (or even whether or not you have guests). You decide how you wish to position yourself!
By choosing to position yourself as an expert in your field, you have the ability to propel both yourself and your business to the next level (and beyond).
Your podcast will provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and showcase your skills, vastly increasing the chances of you receiving a significant return on investment for all your efforts.
Would you like to position yourself as an expert in your field?

9. Podcasts Are More Accessible Than Ever!

Podcasting is not at all new.
It has been a slow burner for some time now, but it is now gaining traction at record breaking speed.
Most of us are never more than a metre away from our smartphone, which in the case of an iPhone comes pre-loaded with a podcast app (that you can’t delete even if you want to).
Holden are now starting to manufacture their cars with Stitcher radio embedded as one of their apps on your dashboard.

Would you like your ideal customers to be able to easily access and consume your content during their downtime or commute?

10. Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors To Achieve Success!

Despite all of these benefits, there are still few businesses that are using podcasting as a business advantage.
I won’t lie. Creating a podcast for your business is going to involve a massive amount of work.
It’s not easy and not everyone can do it.
Because of this, just by the shear fact that you go the extra mile and create a podcast, you are immediately propelling yourself into a state of “awesomeness”. This is because you are doing something that is pretty impressive in the eyes of most.
As a result, it will open up opportunities to you that won’t be available to most. Just check out this picture of me sitting alongside some of the who’s-who of podcasting superstardom getting advice on how I can better improve my podcast.
I was able to gain a seat at this table because I put myself out there and launched a podcast!

In the short time since launching #BusinessAddicts The Podcast, as well as creating some amazing opportunities that will no doubt pay off in time, I have also received more speaking gigs, more coaching clients and more sign ups to my online training programs.
This is not a coincidence!
Starting a podcast in 2015 will put yourself ahead of your competitors, giving you a competitive advantage that will be hard to peg back over time.
Think about it from the perspective of those businesses that were early adopters for using Facebook to promote their business. They had the advantage of being able to build a large audience in what was a relatively quiet marketplace at the time. Many of those businesses still reign supreme as they were able to build a loyal following at a time when competition and the cost to do so were quite low.
This is still the case for podcasting, but I can’t guarantee it will remain this way for too much longer.
That is why you should start a podcast for your business in 2015. 
Would you like to start a podcast for your business in 2015?
If yes, use the comments below to declare your intention to launch and let me know why you want to start a podcast for your business. I look forward to following your on the journey to podcast success for your business!